Work Study

Award Types

Work Study is awarded to students by the Office of Financial Aid and is redeemed as wages for work performed in qualifying jobs.

Students receive either a Pacific University Work Study award or a Federal Work Study award. Students receiving Pacific Work Study are eligible to work only in on-campus positions, while students with Federal Work Study are eligible to work on campus and/or at approved community service organizations off campus.

For information or clarification about a financial aid award, please contact Stacie Englund at or in the Office of Financial Aid at 503-352-2858. Questions about obtaining Work Study jobs may be directed to Julie Burris in the Career Development Center at 503-352-2877.

Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)
Student Job Application Form (pdf)
Student Work-Study Manual (pdf)

Work-Study Position Types

As stated above, whether a student is eligible to work only on-campus or also in off-campus community service Work-Study positions, eligibility is determined by the type of Work-Study award he or she receives. On-campus positions are available in various University departments throughout the academic year, while community service positions are available in approved community-based, government and non-profit organizations with hiring deadline September 30, 2013. Questions specifically concerning off-campus community service Work-Study jobs should be directed to the Career Development Center staff at