Research & Education

The B Street Living Museum Permaculture Project is located on a Metro-owned property less than one mile from the Pacific University campus in Forest Grove. The project is an emerging grassroots organization and demonstration site with the mission to provide inspiration and information about environmentally sensitive, sustainable living practices for Pacific University students, area residents and local schools. Site projects engage participants in community building, research and demonstration to provide the impetus for sustainable practices in the community in accordance with permaculture principles and ethics.

The Environmental Studies Program offers majors in environmental studies-sustainable design, in environmental studies-policy, culture and society, and in environmental science. Minors also are available in environmental policy and environmental studies.

The LIFE & SOL Garden was acquired by an environmental studies capstone class and has undergone several different designs. Imagined to be a permaculture project on a smaller scale than the B Street Living Museum, the community garden is open to students, faculty, staff and community members for gardening, studying, harvesting, art projects, cook-offs and social gatherings. The garden is located across the street from the Holte Tennis Courts.