University News

University Website Update

Brief overview of the university website discovery to launch process, current areas of focus and next steps under discussion and underway.

HR/Payroll Update

Information about training for the new online payroll system.

New Hillsboro Campus Map

We now have a Hillsboro Campus map, which is available online. 

Pharmacy Associate Professor Ben Chavez Researches Effectiveness of Drug that Treats Gout

Chavez' research, conducted with colleague Mary Bridgeman of Rutgers University, supports the belief that Febuxostat is an effective alternative drug for patients who are intolerant of a therapy known as allopurinol. 

Katie Farrell, PT, DSc, Starts new Interprofessional Dizziness and Balance Clinic

The Interprofessional Dizziness and Balance Clinic is a new clinic run by PT, Audiology, and Optometry. 

Pharmacy Assistant Professor Ashim Malhotra Publishes Research on Barth Syndrome

Professor Malhotra's collaborative findings with other researchers appears in the March 2015 edition of the journal, Mitochondrion.

Jeffrey Kawaguchi, PT, Ph.D, ATC, Receives Faculty Development Award

Jeffery Kawaguchi received the award for “Digital Recording of Athletic Training Student Performance: Transforming Education Understanding.”

Jeremy Hilliard, PT, DPT, Lectures at Saturday Academy Medical Camp

The presentation was a combination lecture and demonstration on what physical therapy is and some of the interventions physical therapists do. 

Pacific University in the News: Jan. 20-26, 2015

Selected news stories featuring or mentioning the university.

Col. John Pyle OD '64

In the Army: Optometry Degree Launched Col. John Pyle's Military Career

A 29-year career culminating in the Office of the Surgeon General started with optometry school at Pacific. “Pacific was, and still is, a small school where, instead of being a number, you can become an individual," said Col. John Pyle OD '64. "I had a really good time there.”