University News

From Reporter to Teacher to a Global Royalties Manager at Nike, Every Career Path is Unique

Karl Thienes '98 shares his unique career path. He shares important skills he has acquired and as a hiring manager, he shares what he looks for in a resume.

From an Internship to a Full-time Job

Victoria Hampton, Journalism & Creative Writing 2015, discusses her experiences as a writer and the importance of doing an internship. Through the Snowden Internship Program, she was set up with an internship at Ruralite Services,  a communications co-op for consumer-owned utilities.

Tennis Team Offers Adult Clinic

All ability levels are welcome at the March 14 clinic. Cost is $25. Please RSVP.

Pacific University in the News: Feb. 29 - Mar. 6, 2016

Selected news stories featuring or mentioning the university.

Willamette Dental Group Sponsors Boxer Giving Day 2016

The coordinated dental care practice is helping lead the charge for the university’s 24-hour giving drive, during which Pacific hopes to collect gifts from 2,016 donors.

I Give Because | Eddie Carrillo '15, APS '17

"Pacific has made me who I am and has set me up for success."

I Give Because | Tyler '13 & Kylee Oshiro '15, MAT '16

"We give because Pacific is a part of our family."

I Give Because | Amy Pedersen '08, OD '11

" I had a really, really good education, and even more than that, I had a great mentor."

I Give Because | Kerry Mandulak

"I give to the success of my current and future students."

I Give Because | Taylor Hiraki '17

"Pacific is a great place to be, and giving back keeps me involved in the university."