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Novel Vision

An expert in vision therapy, David Cook OD ’78  explores the world of “seeing” in a new novel, The Anatomy of Blindness.

Boxer Love Story: Erma (Coombes) Gray '49 and Cliff Gray '50

Read the love story of Erma (Coombes) Gray '49 and Cliff Gray '50.

Boxer Love Story: Shirley (Womsley) Nelson '55 and Milton Nelson '55

Read the love story of Shirley (Womsley) Nelson '55 and Milton Nelson '55.

Boxer Love Story: Howard Stevens '42 and Delores (Geist) Stevens '45

Read the love story of Howard Stevens '42 and Delores (Geist) Stevens '45.

Boxer Love Story: Alice (Furby) Voges '52 and Kenneth Voges

Read the love story of Alice (Furby) Voges '52 and Kenneth Voges.

Louis Foote

Boxer Dining Remembers Longtime Employee

The staff of Pacific University Boxer Dining Services is saddened by the loss of longtime Aramark employee Louis Foote, who passed away on Wednesday, Dec. 11.