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Boxer Love Story: Cara (Befus) Brown '05 and Clay Brown '05

Read the love story of Cara (Befus) Brown '05 and Clay Brown '05.

Alumni Needed to Support Admissions

All alumni can help encourage young people to consider calling Forest Grove h

Boxer Love Story: Jeff Pelson '00, O.D. '02 and Karissa (Matthews) Pelson '00, PT '02

Read the love story of Jeff Pelson '00, O.D. '02 and Karissa (Matthews) Pelson '00, PT '02.

Boxer Love Story: Carlisle Harrison '57 & Lydia (Fahner) Harrison '60

Read the love story of Carlisle Harrison '57 & Lydia (Fahner) Harrison '60.

Boxer Love Story: Elia Freedman '97 and Esther (Coppedge) Freedman '98

Read the love story of Elia Freedman '97 and Esther (Coppedge) Freedman '98.

Boxer Love Story: Al Ross '55 and Caroline (Seay) Ross '56

The love story of Al Ross '55 and Caroline (Seay) Ross '56

The Body Project, Sponsored by Campus Wellness

Female students are invited to participate in the Body Project.

Alumni Invited to Share their Career Stories

The Office of Alumni Relations is collecting career stories from alumni for u