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Yashica Island Brings Energy, Experience to Pacific

Yashica Island leads Tutoring & Learning Center with enthusiasm.

Student Leaders Re-Launch Black Student Union

Ashlee Rivers ’14 didn’t know much about Pacific University when she was in h

Boxer Love Story: Ruth (King) Draper '57 and Paul Draper '54

Ruth, a frugal freshman, and Paul, a senior, both attended a college fellowsh

Boxer Love Story: Colleen (Couron) Smith '89 and Brent Smith '88

Brent and Colleen met during their first month at Pacific in the fall of 1985

Boxer Love Story: John Holte '75 and Nancy (Gall) Holte '77

Nancy’s trip to Pacific University for her sophomore year was not without inc

Boxer Love Story: Patricia (Vernon) Robb '45 and Thomas Robb '46

Thomas enrolled at Pacific University for the spring semester of 1944 after h

Boxer Love Story: Don Aina '72 and Rowena (Knaphus) Aina '72

When Don first saw Rowena, he knew she was the one.

Boxer Love Story: Stacey (Barnes) Mendes '00, MAT '01 and Joe Mendes, PA '02

Stacey met her husband, Joe, during her graduate year.

Boxer Love Story: Judd Smith '62 and Sherry (Hicks) Smith '64

Judd Smith was a teaching assistant for one of Sherry (Hicks) Smith’s journal