Thank you for considering a year-end gift to Pacific University. Your donation can help provide an outstanding education for our current and future students. As year-end nears, now is a great time to make a charitable gift to Pacific to help make that goal possible.

Pacific University will be closed for the holidays from 5:00 pm Tuesday, December 23 until 8:00 am Monday, January 5. The Office of University Advancement will be available to return your calls and answer any questions during this time if you will leave a message at 503-352-2211 or 877-722-8648, extension 2211.

Below are ways to insure your gift will be credited for 2014:

•    Cash & Checks sent by U.S. mail must be postmarked no later than December 31. Donors making gifts near year-end should have the envelope canceled at the post office before December 31. Gifts by any other delivery service (Federal Express, UPS, etc.) are complete on the day they arrive at Pacific.

   Make your check payable to Pacific University and mail to the following:
   Pacific University
   UC Box A-162
   2043 College Way
   Forest Grove, OR 97116

•    Credit card. The most convenient, secure and expedient way to ensure that your year-end gift to Pacific University is received on time is to make it online before midnight on December 31:

The IRS has stated that a gift by credit card is deemed to be made on the day the card is CHARGED (IRS Rev. Rul. 78-38). Online gifts using your credit card are processed immediately, and you will promptly receive a confirmation email informing you that your gift transaction was submitted successfully

•    Stock/Securities.  Some donors prefer the added tax benefits of giving long-term appreciated securities. Stock gifts can be made through December 31 but must be initiated by your broker in sufficient time to clear before the close of business on December 30. In order that we may be certain to credit you for your stock gifts, please email Jan Stricklin at with the name, number of shares and your contact information.

Your broker will need the following information for gifts of stock or securities.
Broker: Kyle Abeln
Edward D. Jones & Co
2806 19th Ave Suite B1 Forest Grove OR 97116
Phone: 503‐359‐4092

Pacific’s Account Number: 857‐00‐611‐1‐2
Deposit Transfer Corporation Number: 0057

Pacific University is a qualified charitable organization and a 501 C (3) non-profit public benefit organization (federal ID 93-0386892).

Contact Jan Stricklin by phone at 503-352-2890 or toll free at 877-722-8648, ext 2211, or email