Frequently Asked Questions About Housing

How safe is living on campus? [Top]

We consider Pacific University a relatively safe and secure environment in which to carry on the pursuit of knowledge. Measures taken to insure this include:

  • Campus Public Safety Officers are on duty 24 hours a day with escort service provided upon request.
    Emergency telephones are located outside every residence hall and around campus. Campus Public Safety Officers can be immediately summoned from any campus telephone.
  • Well-lit campus paths.
  • Residence hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Residents have access to their own hall 24 hours a day using their key card. Residents have access to all halls Sunday through Thursday from 7 am-10 pm and Friday and Saturday from 7 am to midnight using their keycard
  • Fire equipment is located on each wing of every resident hall.
  • Through a state-of-the-art alert notification system called "Boxer Alerts," the University can quickly send information critical to the campus directly to residents, such as campus emergencies, closings due to weather, etc. Boxer Alerts - powered by e2Campus - will send notifications to all registered mobile phones, smart or satellite phones, email addresses, ​RSS feeds, Blackberries, wireless PDAs, and pagers,. Sign up for Boxer Alerts today.

How much does housing cost? [Top]

See the housing rates here.

How much does a meal plan cost?

See the meal plan rates here.

How does the meal plan work? [Top]

If you are assigned a room that requires a meal plan, you will automatically be signed up for a standard meal plan and will have the option to change it during the first two weeks of school in the fall.

Your meal plan will be connected to your Pacific ID card and will be used in the same way as a debit card. Students will have the opportunity to change their meal plan during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters only.

I have a car, where can I park? [Top]

Parking is available on campus for students. All members of the Pacific University Community must register their vehicle at the Pacific Information Center (PIC) if parking in any Forest Grove Campus lot. Find the parking permit application process and details on the campus parking page. 

May I request to change my room or hall after school begins?[Top]

Room change requests are allowed during the second two weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Room changes at any other time during the academic year are at the discretion of the Area Coordinator of your residence hall.

May I see my room before I move in? [Top]

Since the residence halls at Pacific are in use year round, it is not possible to see your particular room. However, the Office of Admission has guided tours throughout the year.

May I be assigned to a single room? [Top]

Single rooms are limited and usually filled by returning students. Most new students are assigned to a double room with a roommate at the beginning of the school year.

If you have a special housing need, please work with Learning Support Services (LSS). Special housing accommodations at Pacific are determined by LSS. The Housing Office will be notified if a special accommodation is necessary. To be considered you will need to contact the LSS office directly.

May I request a specific roommate? [Top]

You may choose to live with someone you already know, however, consider living with someone new. Meeting new people in the residence halls and building community are important parts of the Pacific experience. If you choose to ask for a specific roommate, both you and that person must request each other on your online Housing Application. All applicants are strongly encouraged to complete their application by May 31. Both applicants must be deposited students with the University at the time of the housing assignment. The Housing Office cannot guarantee you will be placed together but we will do our best to honor the request.

Personal property insurance, does the University provide it?[Top]

Pacific does not provide personal property insurance. Property insurance to include loss of property or theft should be provided by the student or the student’s family homeowner’s insurance policy. Two companies that provide property insurance to college students nationally is NSSI (National Student Services, Inc.) and Sallie Mae Insurance.

Pacific University expressly disclaims liability for damage or loss to personal property, including theft. Each student is solely liable for the safety of all personal property.

What should I bring? [Top]

Learn about what you should bring and what to leave at home by looking at our "What to Bring" checklist.

What size are the beds? Do I need to buy extra-long sheets?[Top]

The majority of the beds in the residence halls are XL-size twin beds, so we advise students to purchase the XL-size sheets.

When and how will I find out where I am going to live and who my roommate is? [Top]

You can expect to receive your room and roommate assignment information, via your University email account, at the end of July or prior to the term for which you applied.

Where should my parents and friends send letters and packages? Where do I pick up my mail? [Top]

All undergraduate students are assigned a campus mailbox called (UC box) for University Center and the Mailroom, is located in the lower level. Mail Services will mail you a packet of information with your individual mail box number and address.

New students, if you plan on shipping packages to yourself before you arrive, and to ensure that your packages get to you quickly and efficiently, have the sender include your first and last name and the words “New Student” on the shipping label. When you receive your mail box number from the Mailroom be sure to add that to your package labels as well. When you arrive on campus your packages will be available for you to pick up in the Mailroom. When picking up packages please bring a valid identification card.

Why should I live on campus? [Top]

  • You Don’t Need a Car!
    • Classes are literally less than three minutes from your room and downtown shops are within walking distance.
  • Close to All of the Action
    • The Residence Halls are located near the University Center, Stoller Center and “The Quad”—prime spots for most school-sponsored events. You're sure to hear about whatever is going on first by living in the halls.
  • Meet New People
    • Meet new people everyday—just roam through the halls and chat with other students hanging out in the hall, lounge, or lobby. The residence halls are one of the best places you can make new lifelong friends!
  • Your Own Security Service
    • Only a phone call away, CPS can escort you across campus at night, jump-start your car, and regularly patrols campus to keep you safe!
  • Activities Keep You Busy
    • Student staff members living in each hall plan fun (and FREE) events for your and your neighbors.
  • Free Utilities and Internet
    • NO electricity bill, NO water bill, NO garbage, sewer, telephone, Internet, or heating bills!
  • No Need to Cook
    • Not a gourmet chef? Don’t worry; all your meals are prepared for you with the meal plan! BUT, if you do get in the mood to be Betty Crocker just utilize your hall's community kitchen.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    • Want to meet lots of people and build your skills for that resume? There are many opportunities in each hall to get involved in Hall Council, the Residence Housing Association (RHA), or apply to be a Resident Assistant!
  • Games and Equipment
    • Each hall has a front desk with cool items like DVD's, board games, pool equipment, cookware, and more! If you live in the hall you can check out this equipment at no cost.
  • Sleeping In!
    • All classes are only minutes from your room! You can roll out of bed, brush your teeth, and head to class right before classes begin!