Housing Lottery | 2016

The Housing Lottery is a process for current students enrolled in Spring 2016 undergraduate classes at Pacific. This process will allow these students to select housing and roommates for the 2016-17 academic year. The entire Housing Lottery process occurs online. Information will be emailed to residential students, no later than February 22, 2016. All other current undergraduate students interested in on-campus housing should inquire with the Department of Housing.

Lottery Expectations Frequently Asked Lottery Questions
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Lottery Calendar - Dates & Deadlines 2016-17 Room Rates
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Important Changes

  • Students will be able to form roommate groups and select a group leader as in the past. The change is that group members may choose to leave their group at any time during the lottery process. Students will manage this through their Residence account. This change will give students more flexibility in determining roommates and may increase the number of available rooms to choose from during the room selection appointment.
  • Group selection time will be determined by the person in the group with the highest number of academic credits earned towards graduation at Pacific University.
  • To improve bathroom access for Clark residents, we have re-designated the west wing floors as follows:
    Clark West First Floor = Female wing
    Clark West Second Floor = Male wing
    Clark West Third Floor = Female wing

Important Reminders 

  • Be sure to review the residence halls age eligibility.
  • Non-refundable $100 Housing Lottery Deposit must be paid online through Pacific University Student Account Suite. No other form of payment will be accepted.
  • All Housing cancellations received on or after July, 1, 2016 will be charged a $300 Cancellation Fee.
  • Any current student enrolled in Spring 2016 who chooses not to participate in the Housing Lottery process and then desires housing, will participate in a different housing assignment process. Contact Housing for details.