Housing Lottery Criteria & Expectations


A housing lottery ranking is assigned based on academic credits earned toward graduation at Pacific University. If more than one student has the same number of credits the software program will also factor in the date of a student's enrollment deposit to the University to determine lottery ranking. GPA, grades, and group size are not a factor in this determination.

The lottery ranking determines the room selection time. For students who have formed a roommate group the software program will take the median value of the roommate group to determine when the group's room selection date and time will be.


To participate in the Housing Lottery room selection process you must meet ALL published deadlines. There are four Steps (If you will be selecting as an individual you may skip Step 3) that have to be completed by the published deadlines to secure a room during the Housing Lottery.

By participating in the online Housing Lottery and signing an online Housing Confirmation/Contract, you agree to abide by all University rules and regulations. If you provide false or misleading information to improve your lottery position or manipulate the lottery system to give yourself or someone else an advantage, you may lose your right to choose space in any Pacific University owned housing and face disciplinary action.

No guarantee is made that the space you wish to reside in will be available for selection. However all lottery entrants are guaranteed space, although assignments may not occur until the summer.

The Department of Housing reserves the right to reassign any individual's housing space at any time.