The following services are provided to eligible students through Learning Support Services:

Extended Test Time

A student who is eligible for extended test time must make arrangements with LSS. Visit the testing page for more information.

Distraction Free Testing

LSS has testing rooms that can be used to eliminate distractions that might occur in a regular classroom. During distraction free testing, the test taker will be alone in a room monitored by an LSS staff member. Visit the testing page for more information.

Test Readers

The LSS office has people available who can help with reading material for tests.

Alternative Format Testing

Accommodations can be made for the testing environment to be modified. Accommodations include those listed above, as well as using a computer. Visit the testing page for more information.

Advising Support

All students who attend Pacific are required to have an academic advisor. Advisors are faculty members who help students stay on the right track to obtain their degree. LSS can help work with students who might have advising or academic concerns. You may also refer to the academic advising website.

Alternative Format

The most popular alternative format provided is electronic text. E-Text is when the LSS staff scans the student's reading materials into a computer and they are emailed back to the student. Students must have a voice synthesizer software designed to read the material aloud. Visit the e-text page for more information. Other alternative formats are provided on a case by case basis.

Text on Tape

Many textbooks are available on tape. LSS can help students find out if their textbooks are available on tape through the Learning Ally website.


Notetaker services are set up in order to assist students in receiving notes only when the student requesting notetaker services attends class. A student who is enrolled in the same course as the LSS client can be hired as a notetaker. Visit the notetakers page for more information about how to obtain a notetaker or to learn how to become a notetaker.

Reduced Academic Load

Depending on the specific needs, LSS can help develop a plan that can lower the student's course load in order to make it more manageable. The student's academic advisor can also help with this.

Physical Accommodations

With the correct documentation, LSS can help find on-campus housing that will fit the student's needs. The housing department will also help with this process.