Internet & Online Communications

Pacific University strives to utilize online communications to connect with Pacific's diverse audience base. We also work to continually increase the consistency of our Internet presence. To help achieve this mission, we assist in educating and supporting faculty, staff and students regarding the Internet and the ways in which it can increase communications and enhance productivity.

The Office of Marketing & Communications maintains the overall style and presentation of the university website. All of our content sits on the university server, and all of our webpages are created within our customized content management system and our online standards.

In August 2014, a new website was launched, allowing different audiences to explore the website with its feature-rich content and dynamic design.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the main Pacific website, please email for assistance. 

Web Standards

If you are responsible for updating webpages on the Pacific University website, you will use the web standards found within our Brand Standards (pdf). A formatting guide, tips for writing for the website, web editors' frequently asked questions and more are available online to help web editors with the process.

Our web standards help us maintain a consistent and professional web presence.

Managing Webpages

Each office, department, major, school, college, program, center or institute with webpages on the university website is responsible for basic upkeep of content on the pages corresponding to that area.

Web Content Management Access

To request access for a representative from your office to edit content on the Pacific University website, please fill out and submit the Web Editor Authorization Form (pdf) to Marketing & Communications.

A potential web editor must complete mandatory training on the custom content management system before access is granted.

Online Forms

Contact us at to begin using online forms.

Email Marketing

If you send email to members of the Pacific community, in groups of 25 or more individuals with external email addresses, you will want to use our preferred email marketing system. By using the email marketing system that is connected to our database, you will help ensure consistency within our communication and integrity within our contact information. The email marketing system is designed for external branded communications. To get started, please contact Advancement Services.

For information about crafting a successful email campaign, check out our Email Marketing Best Practices (pdf).