Promoting Your Event

Start with our Pacific Community

As a Pacific University student or employee, you have the ability to plan, promote and communicate about an upcoming event or newsworthy item. We encourage you to start early and to reach out to areas of the university that may need assistance from. 

Getting Started

The first step is to plan your event. Solidify date, time, venue, parking and other instructions. The Office of Conferences and Event faculty and staff resources or student resources might be good resources as you get started.

Consider Your Goals and Audience

Now you will want to take some time to clarify your goals and consider your audience. Understanding who your audience is will also help you identify promotional channels, including a multi-channel approach to getting information out to individuals and groups who would be interested.   

Add Your Event to the University Calendar

Add your event to the university calendar selecting the calendar most appropriate for your audience. All employees have access to add events using the online calendar.

Promote Your Event

If you want to promote the event there are many ways you can reach your audience(s). Now you will want to consider promotional materials you might need as well as channels you will use. These materials might be a postcard mailed to your audience, a flier to be hung in locations visible to your audience, student and employee mailboxes, etc. In addition, there are many channels that can be used to promote events, and a multi-channel mix is typically the most effective approach. 

  • Imagery | Select a photo(s) or visual that you will use if helpful to promote your event 
  • Print Materials | Create a flier or poster using a template to display on our campuses and locations or to put in student and/or employee boxes
  • Press/News | Provide news or feature-type content to a web editor in your area, who can submit to new feeds on our landing pages for current undergraduate students, current graduate and professional students, and faculty and staff
  • Email Lists | If you regularly plan events you may find it helpful to create a go to list. For a specific event, you may want to tap into colleagues that you think would have an interest.
  • Social Media | If you are using social media professionally, this may be a useful channel. University social media channels sometimes include events, and you can provide information to for consideration
  • Forums | Announce information about the event in applicable forums, such as a student senate, staff senate, student clubs and organizations, or a staff meeting
  • News | Request that your event be considered for a story or news release by emailing at least three weeks prior to the event

Community Calendars

Are you organizing a public lecture or other event, such as an educational workshop, camp or charity drive? You can promote your event by submitting pertinent information directly to these online event calendars. Please contact the Director of Media Relations if your event contains elements that may be deemed sensitive to some members of the public (e.g. sexual content, profanity, inflammatory remarks). (The Oregonian/Forest Grove Leader/Hillsboro Argus/Beaverton Leader) (Portland Tribune/Forest Grove News-Times/Hillsboro Tribune/Beaverton Valley Times/Woodburn Independent) (NewsChannel 8 - NBC) (FOX 12 Oregon) (Willamette Week)
Eugene Register-Guard