Purchasing Product

Boxer Nation Online Store

Visit one of our stores below, or check them all out at Boxer Nation Store.

If you have a budget to purchase in quantity, join the annual Marketing & Communications swag purchase.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for yet, contact Marketing & Communications for more detail on other standard branded items, such as pens, water bottles and cups. We have artwork we can provide to you. 

Contact Information

Looking for another option? If you want something designed that falls outside of standard artwork, you may need to hire a graphic designer. Marketing & Communications can provide suggestions as needed. Product purchases need to be made through a licensed vendor and to be reviewed and approved by Marketing & Communications.

Licensed University Vendors

The vendors listed below are licensed to produce products and gear using the Pacific University logo. We can create promotional items for your department and give you the artwork for you to order the product using a licensed vendor. Or, you can hire a designer to work with them if it falls outside of our standard gear.

Vendors Alphabetized (pdf)

Vendors by Product (pdf)

If you are interested in working with a vendor that needs to be licensed, here's what they will need to know.

Two Types of Licenses

A standard license is used by companies to produce licensed products for resale to the general public. Standard Licensees pay royalties off the wholesale cost of the goods they are selling.

A restricted license is used by companies that only produce licensed products for internal consumption by the university. No products produced under this license agreement may be sold to the general public and they are exempt from royalties.

All artwork is submitted through SMA¹s Approvals on Demand (AOD) system where it is then approved by the university.