Brand Standards

Pacific University Brand Standards (pdf) provides a unified framework to promote consistency in our outreach efforts and outlines the standards for use of our visual sybmols and editorial style.

Branded Templates

Templates are available for your use to create Pacific University branded marketing materials for your center, institute, program, school, college or department. Templates are available on Vault. Log in with your PUNet ID, then select: Departments > University Relations > Branded Templates. If you have any questions about template usage or branding guidelines, please contact us.


In some cases, a student or freelancer may be your best option for completing a project. Estimate costs with this Resource Estimate Guide. For a list of potential outsourcing options, contact us. 

Pacific University Logos

The Pacific University logo is the primary identifier for the institution and serves as a unifying element within the graphic identity. Consider it the university's formal signature.

Media Relations

Use our media relations toolkit for information about how to work with the director of media relations. To share ideas for news releases and web stories, email

Story Ideas

You've got a story idea? We would love to hear about it. Email