The Hillsboro Campus location on the MAX Light Rail line is a purposeful choice! The Campus plans to grow with a light footprint, reducing, not contributing to air quality degradation and congestion and enhancing a vibrant neighborhood. Let's work together to achieve this goal.


Vehicle commuting is discouraged. Parking is very limited and restricted in the residential neighborhoods surrounding the campus. There are free public parking lots in Downtown Hillsboro. Spaces are not reserved. Best used with MAX.

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Secure indoor and outdoor bicycle parking is provided on campus. There are also "commuter" shower and dressing facilities available for your convenience. "Bike Station," is a private company providing secure indoor parking, showers and lockers at the Inter-modal Transit Facility (ITF) adjacent to the Hillsboro Campus.

Transit All The Way

The University works closely with TriMet to make the MAX available to students and accommodate purchase of sticker passes from the Hillsboro Campus. Student sticker passes are valid for all zones, all days, and for both bus and MAX. Pricing information becomes available in mid-August each year and will be announced at that time.

Transit and Vehicle

There are Park and Ride facilities all along the MAX line. Consult the MAX Light Rail System Map on Tri-Met web site. All have a 24 hour parking limit and bike lockers. Downtown Hillsboro parking lots are available for park and ride commuting. Consult Tri-Met's Trip Planner to plan your commute.

Orenco Station, - 180 Spaces - 4 stops from HC
Fairplex Station, - 396 Spaces - 2 stops from HC
County Garage - 250 Spaces - 2 stops from HC

Learn more about Parking.