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Tri-Met Commuting: Pacific Pass

Pacific University is pleased to encourage and support alternative transportation and offer our employees the opportunity to purchase Tri-Met Universal Annual transportation passes at a great savings.

The pass is good for all times, all zones, bus, light rail and the Portland streetcar.

Pacific Passes are available to faculty and staff from Human Resources at the Forest Grove Campus and Carole Billings, Assistant to the Executive Dean, in Suite 101 of the Hillsboro Campus building. In order to purchase the pass, bring your Boxer ID Card and complete and sign a payroll deduction form which will allow the deduction of the pass cost on a pre-tax basis. The cost for the pass for the academic year September 1, 2012, through August 31, 2013, is $164.66 and will be deducted from the first check following sign-up.

The pass validation sticker will be placed on your Boxer ID Card and this must be carried with you as proof of fare payment. No validation stickers will be issued without a valid Boxer ID Card.

Pacific Pass Payroll deduction forms are available under HR Forms.

Note: if you were to purchase a yearly all zone Tri-Met pass, it would cost $1,200, so you can see this is a significant savings when purchased through Pacific University. Visit the Trimet Fare Chart for more fare information.

Shute Park Aquatic and Recreation Center

Hillsboro's premier public recreation facility pool, cardio and weight facilities, spin classes, and sauna facility is offering membership to College of Health Professions faculty and staff at a cost of $100 for a six-month pass. CHP faculty and staff who wish to take advantage of this offering should take their Boxer ID card to the counter at the Shute Park Aquatic and Recreation Center and pay the membership cost directly to the Center.

The Shute Park Aquatic and Recreation Center is located a short walk from campus at 953 SE Maple St., two block east, four south of campus, intersection of 10th and Maple

Telephone: 503-681-6131

CHP Professions Faculty Organization Bylaws

10-16-13 CHP Bylaws (pdf)