Advising & Registration

Special Registration Information

Note: You may receive an error message about a course you already are registered for (or even were registered for in a previous term). Disregard it. The message is a side effect of the upgrades that were installed recently and UIS is addressing it.

Students in Forest Grove undergraduate programs (College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, and College of Education), as well as School of Professional Psychology programs, register for classes online. Online registration is accessed through BoxerOnline.

More information: Student Online Registration | Faculty Online Registration

Registration for Forest Grove Undergraduate Programs

Advising and registration dates for 2016 Summer and Fall terms for continuing students are:

Grouping * Advising Registration **
67.00 + completed credits March 28 - April 1 April 4 - 8
29.00 - 66.99 completed credits April 4 - 8 April 11 - 15
0.00 - 28.99 completed credits April 11 - 15 April 18 - 22

* For transfer credits to be included in a student's credit total, official transcripts must have been received in the Registrar's Office by the third Friday of the term.

**Students are assigned a specific day during this week and self-register through BoxerOnline.

Course listings and availability for Summer and Fall 2016 are accessed through BoxerOnline.

Registration Waitlist Policy

  • Students cannot register for one section of a course and waitlist for another section of the same course
  • Students cannot waitlist or register for two sections of the same course

Time Conflict Policy

  • If you wish to register for courses that overlap, even for 5 minutes, you no longer can use BoxerOnline to register for both courses.
  • To register for overlapping courses you must fill out an Add/Drop form, obtain the signatures of both instructors on the form, and submit it to the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs within the appropriate period for registering.
  • If you are concerned that one of the courses will fill rapidly, you may register for it through BoxerOnline. Include both courses and signatures on the Add/Drop form, but indicate which course you already have registered for.

Please Note: A course is listed with an instructor of STAFF when the instructor has not yet been assigned. In these cases, the department chair/supervisor is listed as the second instructor, so that someone is available to give instructor consent, and/or override prerequisites and co-requisites, if needed. This does not mean that the department chair/supervisor will teach the course.