Research Office

The purpose of the Research Center is to develop research and creative activities so that we become a leader among private colleges and universities in the state and in the region. Our aim is to tap into the wide potential among faculty and staff to engage in research and to produce new insights and creative ways of solving old problems.

The Mission

To fulfill this mission, we plan to build key elements of a research infrastructure as soon as possible. Specifically:

We will establish opportunities to further research in all five colleges, by

  • Offering assistance to find granting agencies to support research;
  • Acting as a publicity arm of the University to promote and to interest both our own constituency and those beyond the campus in the research enterprise.
  • Creating systems that track, manage and support the research endeavor; and
  • Developing financial resources that support and enhance the research environment.

The result of all this activity should be so that all students and faculty have the widest possible research opportunities.


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