Daniel Eisen (Sociology) - Upcoming publication in Teaching Sociology

ABSTRACT: Sociology instructors strive not only to teach their students the essential aspects of sociology, but also to help students develop their critical thinking abilities. One way to help students become better critical thinkers is to assign projects that encourage students to critically assess their world by relating the course content to their everyday world. This article details a photography project that has been assigned in lower level sociology courses at a four year university and a community college. The project has been successful in encouraging students to develop their critical thinking skills and locate course material within the context of their everyday lived experiences. Examples from projects and a content analysis of 87 anonymous reflection papers demonstrate that the project allows students to: 

- Relate the course material to their everyday world

- Engage in an intellectually challenging assignment

- Critically examine their taken-for-granted worlds

- Have fun while completing a challenging academic exercise


Jaye Cee Whitehead, Jennifer Thomas, Bradley Forkner and Dana LaMonica (Sociology)

Four sociologists have just published 'Reluctant Gatekeepers: ‘Transpositive’
practitioners and the social construction of sex and gender,' in the Journal of Gender Studies DOI:10.1080/09589236.2012.681181. (2012).