Voyages Staff

We are proud of this amazing group of Pacific staff, faculty, and students who make up the Voyages Team, and who work year-round to make Voyages the best experience it can be. We come from diverse places and a variety of backgrounds, but a love of the outdoors and connecting with new people brings us together.

We hope to see you on a Voyage!


Kris Williams MAT

Voyages Program Director


Hello future Voyages participants! I am super excited about Voyages 2014 as it will be my first year coordinating the program from start to finish. Prior to coming to Pacific I spent the last 18 years in various outdoor jobs in Oregon and Colorado. I have worked as a downhill ski instructor, ran a parks and recreation outdoor adventure summer camp, was a guide for a wilderness therapy program, and spent nine years as a program director of a nonprofit outdoor adventure program. Nothing gets me more excited than helping people learn about themselves and have fun in the outdoors. I can't wait to meet you all this summer on your voyage. In the meantime give me a call or email me and I can answer any questions you have about the Voyages Program.


Hailey Jongeward

Voyages Coordinator

Environmental Biology '15

Hello future Pacific students! My name is Hailey and I am from the lovely Bellingham, Wash. I grew up skiing with my family, as well as camping, hiking, rafting and everything in between! I love adventure and thrive for new experiences. Not only am I excited for Voyages 2014 to get rolling, but I look forward to meeting you all and sharing some memories in the great outdoors! Voyages is a great way to meet new friends before you begin your first year at Pacific, and really adjust to the new environment of college, and of course have some fun!



Ted Wogan

Voyages Coordinator

Exercise Science '15

I live for adventure. Without exploring the outdoors by rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, mountain biking and skiing, I would not be Ted. I am from Klamath Falls, Ore., a small town that I grew up recreating around. I am double majoring in exercise science and fun and will have a minor in outdoor leadership. All of which I love to study and hope to have a career in which I can use all three of them. I also like to share adventures with people so come on one of the trips I am leading (Rock Climbing, and Tour De Central Oregon).


Stacie Struble


Exercise Science '15

Hey all! My name is Stacie. I’m an exercise science major and photography minor. I love the outdoors, primarily hiking and surfing. But anything new, exciting and outside will make me happy. I’ve led the surfing Voyage for the past two years, and it was great! This year my job is to capture your experience as a Voyages participant through video and photography. I can’t wait to see what adventures a wait! See you in August!




Sascha Smith

Backpack and Canoeing Leader

Exercise Science '15

Hi all, I am a senior and third year voyage leader this year. I am from Montana and grew up taking trips all over Montana camping, canoeing, kayaking, and just hanging out with the group at bonfires by the river. I am super excited for this year’s trips. I love being outside camping, backpacking, canoeing, and whatever else is thrown my way. I like meeting new people and always have fun with new experiences. Can’t wait to see how this year goes!



Cameron Chow

Multi-Element Leader

Biology '16

Hi. My name is Cameron. I am ecstatic to go on a wonderful Voyage with you. I come from a place called Happy Valley, Ore., (which is just right outside of Portland). I study biology at Pacific. My outdoor adventures consist of rock climbing, swimming, hiking, camping, and being in the general outdoors. Aside from Voyages you might find me in the pool with the swim team, or running around taking photos! Peace and Bless until next time.




Katie Oliver

Sea Kayaking Leader

Environmental Biology '16

Hey all! My name is Katie and I'll be a junior this fall. I'm an environmental biology major here at Pacific! I grew up in the one and only Portland, Ore. I've always loved the great outdoors. My favorite activities are hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, cycling, sea kayaking, swimming, white water rafting/kayaking, dirt biking, backpacking, and just generally being outside. When I'm not outdoors, I can be found playing guitar or ukulele with friends. I'm stoked to be leading a Voyage this year, see y'all in August!


Jess Hattig

Sea Kayaking Leader
Public Health '15

Growing up nature has always allured me in multiple ways. As a child, I was always caught exploring untouched earth hidden beyond coniferous trees and diving into creeks to discover salamanders and fish. Nature has fueled my natural curiosity by allowing me to discover new aspects of living and has allowed me to expand my realm of being by giving peace within myself. Leading the Sea Kayak Voyage, I get the opportunity to do a few of my most favorite things: working with people and expressing my love of the outdoors. So, expect to have a great time on our awesome adventure together!



Danielle Schleicher

Rafting Leader

Biology '17


Hello! My name is Danielle Schleicher and I'm from White Salmon, Wash., "The land where the sun meets the rain." With two beautiful mountains (Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams) and the mighty Columbia River all in my backyard, I've grown up hiking, horseback riding, skiing, and snowboarding, plus the yearly white water rafting and wind surfing. So far I'm shooting for a major in biology then, hopefully, going on to the optometry program here at Pacific. Even with all the opportunities out in nature and all the adventures awaiting my arrival a few that have caught my attention are: tennis (I know, not that outdoorsy), hiking, biking, horseback riding, and a lot of sight-seeing in the place I love, the beautiful Gorge. Hope we all have a fantastic Voyage before we kick off the school year!


Autsen Taylor-Kohn

Sea Kayak Leader

Philosophy '15

What's up! My name's Autsen and this year I'll be a senior here at Pacific majoring in philosophy and minoring in outdoor leadership. I love music, good food, and time spent out in the backcountry, but nothing gets me going quite like being on the water. I'm an avid sea kayaker, but I'm also beginning to discover the joys of white water kayaking and rock climbing. Outback got me hooked on the outdoors my freshman year, and since then I've been looking to pursue a career in outdoor education. I'm super stoked to meet all of you on Voyages this fall!



Amanda O'dell

Backpack Canoe Leader

Environmental Biology '17

Hi y'all! My name is Amanda and I'm from Redding, Calif. (bonus points if you know where that is). I am pursuing a degree in environmental biology with a minor in outdoor leadership. I love being outdoors hiking, backpacking, or kayaking, just anything that can get me outside with some really cool people. This will be my first year leading a Voyage, and oh my gosh, am I excited! My Voyage experience was life changing and has made me want to pursue a career in outdoor education even more. Can't wait to see everyone's bright and shining faces this summer! We're going to have a blast!


April Lanz

Multi Element

Public Health '17

My name is April Lanz, and I will be an incoming sophomore here at Pacific this year. I live in Oregon City, which is just outside of Portland. I’m interested in pursuing a public health major at the moment, but my mind changes constantly. I love exploring the outdoors and always have. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the woods with my three little sisters following behind me. Being in nature and having new experiences are great passions of mine, and I’m excited to share those things with new people. I enjoy the beach, hiking, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, and anything in the water. You will also find me on the lacrosse field in the spring. I’m thrilled to lead a Voyage and meet all of you in August!


Melissa Brown

Surfing Leader

Graduating '17

Hey everyone! My name is Melissa, and I will be a sophomore at Pacific this fall. I am from Loveland, Ohio, and was born in Alberta, Canada. I had so much fun on my Voyage freshman year that I wanted to come back and hopefully give some of you an awesome experience to start off your journey at Pacific!



Wes Heredia

Rock Climbing Leader

Environmental Science '15

Well they call me Wesley Heredia. I will be leading one of the backpacking trips this August. I am now a junior and I am majoring in environmental science with a concentration in sustainability and minoring in outdoor leadership and espanol! I was born in the mean streets of downtown Los Angeles, Calif. However, I moved to Oregon to escape big city life when I was 12. This is when I fell in love with this place and all the rain it gets. My hobbies include fishing, jumping off cliffs (into water of course), long walks on the beach, watching documentaries, and anything else that includes nature (except for behavior that harms mother earth). I am uber excited to help you experience the wonderful place we call nature. And yes, I am part brown bear. This picture is of my twin brother Skipper. Well that is all for now. I hope to see you later this summer! Toodles!!!



Michael Mejia

Athlete Rafting Leader

Exercise Science '16

Hey, my name is Michael Mejia, and I’ll be a sophomore here at Pacific. I’m an exercise science major and coaching minor. I’m from Fresno, Calif., and enjoy fishing, dirt bikes, bonfires, jet skiing, and wake boarding. I am also a member of the Pacific football team. My background in the outdoors ranges from backyard camping trips to backpacking through the Sequoia National Forest. I have a love for being outside and challenging myself both physically and mentally. My first experience with Voyages was great, and I got to meet a lot of my teammates before fall football camp started. It has been one of my best college experiences so far.



Katelyn Hennes

Canoe Backpacking Leader

Exercise Science '16

Hey everyone! my name is Katelyn Hennes, and I am an exercise science major and outdoor leadership minor from sunny San Diego. My Voyage freshman year was the first time I had ever really done anything incredibly outdoorsy and going on the trip made me realized that I love being in the backcountry. I had an amazing time and hopefully you guys will all have as great of an experience on your voyage as I did! I am a swimmer here at Pacific but in addition to swimming I love anything that keeps me active and gets me outdoors. Once I am done with my swimming career here I hope to get into doing triathlons, however my ultimate goal is to become a physical therapist. I can't wait to meet and share my enthusiasm for the outdoors with all of you! You all have some good times coming your way, and I hope your Voyage can be the start of some of the best experiences of your life.


Mallory Hiefield

Rafting Leader

Exercise Science '17

Greetings to all! Next fall I will be a sophomore at Pacific, majoring in exercise science and minoring in outdoor leadership and Spanish. My hometown is not far from the “Grove” at all: good ol’ Portland, Ore. Ever since I was little I have always loved the outdoors and everything about it. It probably started after attending an overnight summer camp when I was younger: rafting, campfires, making new friends, horseback riding, hiking… the list goes on! Although it is hard to narrow it down, the activities I am most passionate about include: rafting, backpacking, rock climbing, and swimming in a chilly river or lake on a hot summer day. I am super stoked and thrilled to meet all of you and embark on the journey of a lifetime! In the meantime… Get outdoors! Ta-ta for now!



Rachel Mason

Rafting Leader

Graduating '16

Hello! My name is Rachel, and I am from Lebanon, Ore. I am going to be a junior studying biology or chemistry with a minor in outdoor leadership. I was born and raised in the beautiful wilderness of Oregon. Rafting is my life during the summer and during the winter I love to go skiing. I’m always down to go on an adventure, as long as it includes the great outdoors. When I’m not out adventuring (or planning the next one), you can find me hanging out around campus. If you see me, stop by and say hi! I love meeting new people, and that’s what Voyages are great for. I met a bunch of my friends on my Voyage. I hope you are all as excited for Voyages as I am! See ya in August!


Ashley Eddy

Tour De' Central Oregon Leader

Graduating '17

Hey! My name is Ashley Eddy, and I am from Aloha, Ore., and I am currently a freshmen at Pacific. I am studying Spanish and psychology, as well as outdoor leadership. I love hiking, swimming, kayaking, and trying new things. I spent most of last summer hiking around the Mt. St. Helen's area with friends and family. I am also a member of Washington County's Search and Rescue Team. In the summer I will be backpacking in Montana with friends for three weeks!


Lily Sam

Rafting Leader

Biology/Chemistry '17

Hey! My name’s Lily, and I’m from Portland, Ore. I’ve lived in the area my entire life and can’t imagine ever wanting to leave the Northwest. Being outside and around nature is something I’ve always loved, but besides some hiking and camping here and there, I had never been exposed to all the outdoors had to offer until coming to Pacific. My rock-climbing Voyage was the perfect way to begin my freshman year and I met so many lovely people because of it (and any chance to visit the gorgeous Smith Rocks is a bonus!). It opened the gate to many more adventures through Outback and I couldn’t be happier that I jumped on the opportunity. I’m so psyched to be a part of your trip experience and can’t wait to meet you guys.



Natasha Halstvedt

Rock Climbing Leader

Sociology '17

Hey folks! My name is Natasha Halstvedt. I am from Billings, Mont., the state with more cows than people. I will be a sophomore this fall. I am interested in elementary education or sociology with a minor in communication science and disorders and outdoor leadership. Honestly, I have no idea what I want to do. Growing up, I played more indoor sports than anything though managed to venture out and ski from time to time. My Rock Climbing Voyage was one of my first real encounters with the outdoors. I absolutely loved it. It completely changed my view of the outdoors. I am pumped to meet you all this summer!


Andy Amick

Canoe Backpack Leader

Biology '16

Hey! My name is Andy, and I'll be a junior this year. I'm a biology major with a public health minor. I grew up in the Willamette Valley, where I love to hike, backpack, and ski. I love everything that Oregon has to offer and am always up for new adventures. I'm stoked to be leading the backpacking/canoeing Voyage and meeting everyone. It's going to be be a blast. See you in August!



Garrett Brown

Urban Adventure Leader

Undecided '17

Hello there! My name is Garrett Brown, and I hail from Gearhart, located right on the coast of Oregon. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I have spent much of my life camping, hiking, biking, and getting to know the wilderness. As a first year student at Pacific, I study anthropology and various other social sciences. I am also involved with Pacific University's Speech and Debate team and play percussion in various university music groups. Voyages is a fantastic program, and I hope everyone who wants to be involved gets the opportunity. Go Wild!


Sydney Cabellon

Urban Adventure Leader

Exercise Science '17

Hello! My name is Sydney Cabellon, and I am from sunny southern California, Pomona to be more exact. I will be a sophomore studying exercise science at Pacific. My Voyage last year was my first real experience to the wonderful world of the backcountry and since then I have I loved it. I have been trying different adventures that take me outdoors like canoeing, hiking, and snowshoeing. Voyages was a great experience as I made new friends who have similar interests before school started! I hope you choose to go on a voyage it will awesome meeting you all!



Douglas James Bender

Backpacking Leader
German-Japanese Major ‘16

In our hyper-connected 21st century world, it is easy to forget the serenity of nature. The forests and fields of my home, Oregon, have given me ample opportunity to discover and love that Zen feeling. In the back country, I have ardently pursued all manner of recreation. Those experiences sculpted my character and I long to share those moments of self-discovery and reflection with others. In the front country, I am a man of cultures. I live and love languages. German is in my speech as much as it is in my heritage, and my affinity for all things Japanese will draw me to that Asian-island-nation when I graduate. But until then, I cannot wait to share the beautiful backcountry with you, and I look forward to our adventure.


Anthony Hinkson

Surfing Leader

Undecided '17

Hey everyone! My name is Anthony, and I am from Tri-Cities, Wash. This fall I will be a sophomore, and I am on the baseball team here at Pacific. I love baseball, football, skiing, surfing and camping. I am excited to get to know some of you and go on an awesome Voyage; hope to see you in the fall!



Clark Wininger

Sea Kayaking Leader

Undecided '17

Hi! My name is Clark Wininger from San Francisco, Calif., and I am going to be a sophomore at Pacific this upcoming fall. After going on a Voyage last fall, I knew I wanted to be a part of the program again. I love hiking and backpacking, but have also had more experience recently with canoeing and kayaking and have grown to love both activities as well. I also play on the tennis team here at Pacific. Overall, for me, there is not anything I would rather do than be outside in the wilderness or on the tennis court exercising and working hard.


Doug French

Rafting Leader

Public Health '16

Why hello there, my name is Doug French, and I moved from Roseville, Calif. I was raised on a horse ranch for 15 years, and that is where I fell in love with nature. I have spent my last 10 years in the foothills of the California Sierras where I would hike and fish the rivers. I am obsessed with fly fishing and tying flies. So if you cannot find me at school, I am probably chasing steelhead. I am a public health major, and I hope to apply to grad school to become a physician assistant. Please feel free to join me when I go fishing or how I can help you get addicted fly fishing. I cannot wait to meet you all!


Alyssa Thompson

Sea Kayaking Leader

Biology '17

I am from a town called Frederick in Colorado. Growing up my family loved going up to the Rockies camping and creek fishing. Another past time that we did outdoors was motor biking. Academically I’m interested in biology, economics and anthropology. Just recently I’m learned to love sea kayaking, and backpacking or hiking. Super excited to be leading a Voyage!