2011-2012 Individual Accomplishments

Katie Farrell, Physical Therapy, helped train and supervise students for an annual weekend camp for stroke survivors with aphasia and their families.

Jim Ferguson, Physician Assistant Studies, co-presented “Development Of A Pharmacist-Assisted Tobacco Cessation Pilot Project Using A Multidisciplinary Team Approach,” at The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals 2011 Annual Conference, Scottsdale, Ariz., October 2011. He also:

· Co-presented “Individual And Group Testing In An Integrated, System-Based Modified-Block Curriculum: Fostering A Collaborative Learning Environment,” at The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals 2011 Annual Conference, Scottsdale, Ariz., October 2011.

· Was appointed by the Physician Assistant Education Association to serve on the Physician Assistant Clinic Knowledge Rating Assessment Tool Committee.

Erica Findley, Library, has been selected for the American Library Association’s (ALA) Emerging Leaders program. She also:

· Co-presented on the topic of leadership with the incoming ALA national president at the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services Virtual Midwinter Symposium in January 2012.

· Discussed the collaborative technical services program developed through the Orbis Cascade Alliance at the American Library Association’s annual conference in Anaheim, Calif., in June.

· Presented a poster, “Whither Midwinter,” at the ALA annual conference.

Martin Fischer, Communication Sciences & Disorders, was an American Speech and Hearing Association Fellow, 2012, and received an Award for Distinguished Contributions from the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, 2012. He also published “Master Clinician Network: An Online Social Network for the Observation of Peer Reviewed Clinical Practice in Communication Sciences in Disorders,” in Perspectives on Issues in Higher Education, October 2011.

Theresa Floyd, Berglund Center, was managing editor of the book Internet 2.0, After the Bubble Burst, 2000-2010, published by the Berglund Center for Internet Studies.

Melanie Foeppel, Pharmacy, presented “Assessing The Utility Of A Blog To Engage Students In A Psychopharmacotherapy Course,” at the annual meeting of American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in San Antonio, Texas, July 2011. She also co-wrote “Point-Of-Sale: A Review Of Home Blood Glucose Meters,” published in the Journal of Pharmacy Technology, 2011.

Eric Foote, Physician Assistant Studies, was a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration Faculty Loan Repayment Award recipient. He also is a certified physician assistant at the Essential Health Clinic and a volunteer PA at the free clinic, Hillsboro Hope.

Jeff Fortner, with Deepa Rao, Pharmacy, received of a $10,000 grant award from the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Foundation to complete a collaborative research project, “Solid-State Stability Of Compounded Levothyroxine Formulations.” He also:

· Received the School of Pharmacy Outstanding Pharmacy Practice Faculty Member Award, 2011-12.

· Presented “Gastrointestinal Drugs,” to Pacific University dental hygienist students, February 2012.

· Co-presented “Prescription Writing Guidelines for Dental Hygienists,” at the Oregon Dental Hygienists Association Annual Conference in Portland, Ore., October 2011.

· Co-wrote “Integrative Student Learning: An Effective Team Learning Activity in a Learner-Centered Paradigm,” published in Innovations in Pharmacy, 2011.

· Served on Oregon State Pharmacy Association Board of Directors, 2011-12, and was appointed OSPA Communications Committee Chair.

· Served as School of Pharmacy Coordinator for Hillsboro Campus High School Outreach Program.

Jon Frew, Professional Psychology, co-wrote Contemporary Psychotherapies for a Diverse World, 1st Revised Edition, 2012. He also:

· Wrote “Case of David,” published in Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 9th Edition, 2011.

· Wrote “Ask the Expert: Three Questions About Gestalt Therapy Answered,” published in Student Manual for Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 9th Edition, 2011.

· Presented, “Leadership Theory And Practice: Is There A Fit In Organizations Committed To Honoring Diversity?” at the Oregon Psychological Association’s Diversity Committee Retreat, Portland, Ore., July 2011.

· Co-wrote “Sexual Assault Prevention For International Students: Common Practices And Recommendations,” presented at APA, Orlando, Fla., August 2012.

· Presented “Gestalt Therapy,” a podcast for the American Counseling Association, 2012.

· Serves as a member of the OPA Diversity Committee and of the ABPP Education and Training Group.

· Served as an oral examiner for ABPP in Pasadena, Calif., and Chicago.

Brad Fujisaki, Pharmacy, presented “DIY Approaches to Effectively Answering Questions from Patients and Prescribers,” at the Oregon State Pharmacy Association (OSPA) Annual Meeting, Salem, September 2011. He also:

· Co-presented “Fairytale Creative Writing to Improve Comprehension of Immunological Mechanisms,” at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, July 2011.

· Co-presented “Development and Implementation of a Post-Doctoral Academic Pharmacy Fellowship,” at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, July 2011.

· Served as fellowship research project advisor on “Impact of No GPA Calculated on a Candidate Obtaining a PGY-1 Residency,” presented at the Pharmacy Residents and Fellows Western State Conference, May 2012.

· Co-wrote “What Does Effective Teaching Look Like? Profession-Centric Perceptions Of Effective Teaching In Pharmacy And Nursing Education,” published in Health and Interprofessional Practice.

· Co-wrote “How Effective Is A One-Day Teaching Methods Course? An Examination Of Improving Teaching Efficacy Of Health Profession Faculty Members,” published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2012.

· Was appointed by the governor to a four-year term on the Oregon Board of Pharmacy.