2011-2012 Individual Accomplishments

Joyce Gabriel, University Advancement, received the Pacific University Outstanding Supervisor Award, 2012.

Sandra Garcia, World Languages, was a presenter at the AP Summer Institute in Bellevue and Spokane, Wash.

Lisa Geraci, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, along with Jean Flory, Cindy Schuppert and colleagues from Lewis & Clark College, presented “Bed Bugs and Their Enrollment in Higher Education,” at the 2011 annual conference for Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers. The presentation won honorable mention for Best of the Northwest.

Denise Giesbers, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, co-presented “From Recruitment to Retention: A Private Institution Panel Discussion of Best Practices that Foster Transfer Student Success,” at the National Institute for Study of Transfer Students 10th annual conference, January 2012.

Issac Gilman, Library, is co-editor of the new Journal of Librarianship and Scholarship Communication (JLSC), which features open access articles about library-led scholarly communication initiatives, online publishing and digital projects. Members of the project team that launched the journal, including Gilman, were awarded the Association of College and Research Libraries (Oregon Chapter) Award for Excellence. Gilman also:

· Was elected vice-president/president-elect of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Oregon chapter for 2012.

· Was invited to speak on library scholarly communication programs at the NAPCU Libraries Annual Directors Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, November 2011.

· Published an article, “Evidence-Based Information-Seeking Behaviors of Occupational Therapists: A Survey of Recent Graduates” in Journal of the Medical Library Association, October 2011.

· Presented a poster, “Open Access Under the Radar: Embedding Discussion in Undergraduate Curriculum,” at the SPARC Open Access Meeting.

· Presented “Services Lead to Success: Strategies for Repository Growth,” at the ALCTS Institutional Repository Webinar Series.

· Presented “Sustaining Success: Defining Outcome Measures for Scholarship Communication Initiatives,” ACRL WA/OR Joint Conference 2011.

· Authored, with Lynda Irons, Library, “Open Access & Open Lives: The Changing Role of Academic Libraries,” a chapter in the book Internet 2.0, After the Bubble Burst, 2000-2010, published by the Berglund Center for Internet Studies.

Denise Goodwin, Optometry, received, with Len Hua, Optometry, a $2,500 ASCO 2012 Education Starter Grant for “Integration of Blended Learning into Optometric Education.”

Aaron Greer, Anthropology, published an editorial in the Oregonian challenging opposition to same-sex marriage.

Ben Griffin ’11, Marketing & Communications, designed the cover of the book Internet 2.0, After the Bubble Burst, 2000-2010, published by the Berglund Center for Internet Studies.

Eva Guggemos, Library, presented “Start with What you Have: Converting Legacy Metadata for Archivists’ Toolkit” at the April meeting of the Northwest Archivists. She also:

· Presented “Subject Guides for Archives” at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference.

· Served as lead editor of the NWDA Archivists’ Toolkit Manual.

Christine Guenther, Mathematics and Computer Science, was appointed to the Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences for a three-year term. She also, with Richard Whiteley, Chemistry, published “The Analytical Determination of Kinetic Parameters for a Bimolecular EC Mechanism from Chronoamperometric Data” in the Journal of Mathematic Chemistry.

Deke Gunderson, Biology, received the Pacific University S.S. Johnson Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2012. He also presented a talk, “The Science and Art of Permaculture,” in January at Venetian Theatre & Bistro in Hillsboro as part of an OMSI-sponsored lecture series.