2011-2012 Individual Accomplishments

Kazuko Ikeda, World Languages, hosted an introductory cooking class, “Japanese Cooking 101,” in October 2011 at the SakéOne brewery in Forest Grove.

Ramona Ilea, Philosophy, was invited to teach “Animal Legal Philosophy and its Development” as a visiting assistant professor at the Lewis & Clark Law School, where she also presented “Philosophical Perspectives on Animals” as part of the SALDF Speaker Series. She also:

· Presented “Rights and Capabilities: Tom Regan and Martha Nussbaum on Animals.”

· Published “Rights and Capabilities: Tom Regan and Martha Nussbaum on Animals,” in Tom Regan Festschrift.

· Published “Beyond Service Learning: Civic Engagement in Ethics Classes,” in Teaching Philosophy, September 2011.

· Presented “Beyond Service Learning: Civic Engagement in Philosophy Classes” as a panel discussion at the American Association of Philosophy Teachers session at the Central American Philosophical Association conference and at the 62nd annual Northwest Philosophy Conference.

· Presented “Free Easy, and Flexible: Creating Civic Engagement Electronic Portfolios Using Google Sites,” a peer-reviewed presentation at the OTEN annual conference.

· Presented “Philosophy and Animal Activism: Compatible or in Tension?” a peer-reviewed presentation at the Northwest Philosophy Conference.

· Presented “Cultivating Citizenship: How to Implement Civic Engagement Projects in your Philosophy Classes,” a peer-reviewed presentation at the Advancing Public Philosophy Conference.

Linda Irons, Library, and David Cassady, Media Arts, presented a research project, “Technology and the Contextual Vacuum: How Access to Information Does Not Guarantee Knowledge,” at the International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society in Los Angeles in January. Irons also:

· Presented a paper, “Harmonic Convergence: E-Reader Applications in the Analysis of Primary Texts,” in May at the 40th annual LOEX (Library Orientation Exchange) conference in Ohio.

· Authored, with Isaac Gilman, Library, “Open Access & Open Lives: The Changing Role of Academic Libraries,” a chapter in the book Internet 2.0, After the Bubble Burst, 2000-2010, published by the Berglund Center for Internet Studies.

Heidi Island, Psychology, published “Biological Foundations of Four Primary Temperament Dimensions,” “Concurrent Validity of the Fri-Neurochemistry Questionnaire (Fri-Nq) and the Neo-Ffi” and “The Role of Four Temperaments Domains in the Initial Attraction Phase of Mate Choice.”