2011-2012 Individual Accomplishments

Annie Nelson, Education, presented “Content Area Reading Strategies, Grades K-12,” at the 2012 Oregon Reading Association Student Conference.

Bobby Nijjar, Health Administration, presented “Anorexia of Aging: Are Our Practices the Culprits?” at Nicholls State University—Faculty Research Week, at Louisiana Dietetic Association annual conference, March 2012. He also:

· Presented “Creating Magic: A New Approach to Leadership” to the Center for Advancing Faculty Engagement at Nichol State University, 2012.

· Presented “Look Younger & Feel Energized,” at Nichol State University Continuing Education Department, 2012.

Gyorgyi Nyerges, Biology, received a CMOP-PRISM grant to study methane associated microbial community and activity in the lateral bays of the Columbia River Estuary. She also:

· Presented a poster, “Antibiotic Resistance in Agricultural Soils,” at the ASM Conference .

· Presented a poster, “Antibiotic Resistance in Natural Environments,” at the CMOP Symposium in Hillsboro and at the Murdock College Science Research Conference in Seattle.

· Published “Model of the Molecular Basis for Hydroxylamine Oxidation and Nitrous Oxide Production in Methanotrophic Bacteria” in FEMS Microbiology Letters.