2011-2012 Individual Accomplishments

Adam Rafalovic, Sociology, published “Gold Dreams, Gold Nightmares: The Social Construction of Inflation as Delegitimation Discourse.”

Krishnan Ramaya , Business, published, “Examining the Impact of Research and Development Expenditures on Tobin’s Q,” in a 2011 special issue of the Academy of Strategic Management Journal. He also presented “Consumer and Patient Engagement in Developing Clinical Guideline Support Tools” at Guidelines International Network Conference 2012 in Berlin.

Martha Rampton, History, presented “Love and Hate in the Divorce of Lothar” at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Deepa Rao, with Jeff Fortner, Pharmacy, are the recipients of a $10,000 grant award from the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Foundation to complete a collaborative research project, “Solid-state stability of compounded levothyroxine formulations.” He also:

· Received a Pacific University Faculty Development Grant for “Developing Micellar Drug Carriers for the Concomitant Delivery of Doxorubicin and Resveratro.”

· Received a School of Pharmacy Research Incentive Grant for "Developing A Stable Quantifiable In-Vitro Drug Screening Model To Test Amyloid Hypothesis Of Alzheimer's Disease By Identifying Early Biomarkers In SHSY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells."

· Presented a poster, “WGA pH Modulated Polymeric Micelles For Antiangiogenic Treatment Of Ovarian Cancer,” at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, July 2011.

· Volunteers as an intern at Virginia Garcia Pharmacy.

Curtis Ray, University Advancement, received the Pacific University Outstanding Contribution to the University Award, 2012.

Becca Reisch , Physical Therapy, and Justin Fisher ’09 published “Rehabilitation of a patient with ‘floating shoulder’ and associated fractures: a case report” in Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, 2012. She also co-presented, with Jason Brumitt, Physical Therapy, a poster, “Exercise Habits in Male Latino Migrant Workers,” at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combine Section Meeting in Chicago in February.

Lee Ann Remington, Optometry, recently had the third edition of her textbook, Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System, published by Elsevier. Approximately half of the optometry schools across the country use the textbook in their classes.

Ellen Reuler, Communication Sciences and Disorders, presented “Understanding Your World- Session for New Leaders,” at the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders annual conference, Newport Beach, Calif., April 2012.

Jose Reyna, Physical Therapy, is serving on a panel for the University’s Interdisciplinary Diabetes Clinic and has also been elected to take part in the Pain Management Program in collaboration with the Virginia Garcia Clinic.

Samantha Richards, Mail Services, attended the 2012 Greater Portland Postal Customer Council (GPPCC) conference in Vancouver, Wash.

Jessica Ritter, Social Work, received a Fulbright to conduct research in Sweden. She also:

· Received the Pacific University Faculty Achievement Award, 2012.

· Co-authored the book, Social Welfare: Politics and Public Policy, 7th edition.

· Co-authored the book chapter “Providing Social Services: Help for Children, Older Americans, and Individuals with Mental and Substance Use Disorders.”

· Published “Tuition Equity is Good for Oregon’s Youth and Economy.”

· Presented “Comparing Two Pedagogical Approaches in a Macro Social Work Course” at the 29th annual Social Work Baccalaureate Program Directors Conference in Portland.

· Published “Social Work Policy Practice: Changing Our Community, Nation, and the World” in September 2012.

Sigrid Roberts, Pharmacy, received a pacific University Faculty Development Award for Dual Inhibition of Host and Parasite Arginase as a Potential Therapeutic Strategy.” She also:

· Received School of Pharmacy Research Incentive Grants for “The Polyamine Pathway As A Potential Therapeutic Target Against Leishmaniasis,” for “Function Of Polyamines In Leishmania Parasites” And For “7th Biennial Symposium On Polyamines In Parasites.”

· Received a National Institute of Health grant of $6,000 for “7th biennial Symposium on Polyamines in Parasites.”

· Presented “Characterization Of The Polyamine Pathway In Leishmania As A Potential Therapeutic Target,” at the Universität Erlangen, Germany, July 2011.

· Co-wrote a poster, “The Role Of L. Mexicana Arginase In Host Infectivity,” presented at Keystone Symposium on Drug Discovery for Protozoan Parasites, Santa Fe, N.M.

· Wrote “The Genetic Toolbox For Leishmania Parasites,” published in Bioengineered Bugs, 2011.

· Co-wrote “Spermidine Synthase Is Required For Virulence Of Leishmania Donovani,” published in Infection and Immunity, 2011.

· Is an ad hoc manuscript reviewer for PlosOne, International Journal of Parasitology and Trends in Parasitology.

Teresa Roberts, Communication Sciences and Disorders, presented “Social Language and Pragmatic Assessment, Including the Use of Standardized Pragmatic Tests” to speech-language pathologists in Portland public schools.

Sandra Rogers, Occupational Therapy, co-published the chapter, “Crossing Borders in Correctional Institutions,” in Occupational Therapy without Borders, Volume 2, 2011. She also:

· Co-published the chapter, “Evaluation to Plan Intervention,” in Ways of Living: Adaptive Strategies for Special Needs, 4th Edition, 2011.

· Co-presented “Evidence and Occupation-based Intervention In Community Corrections,” at the American Occupational Therapy Association, Indianapolis, April 2012. She also:

· Co-presented “Programs for At-Risk Youth: Partnerships That Provide Innovative Services to Youth and Demonstrate Effectiveness,” at the American Occupational Therapy Association, Indianapolis, April 2012.

· Co-presented “At-risk Youth: Partnerships and Programs,” at the Oregon Occupational Therapy Association, Portland, Ore., October 2011.

· Co-presented a research paper, “Activity Engagement and Neuroendocrine Function: Testing a Needs-Based Model of Resilience,” at the Society for the Study of Occupation, Park City, Utah, October 2011.

· Co-presented a research paper, “Occupation Displacement and Community Corrections Offenders: The Usefulness of Concepts of Occupation on Assessment, Intervention, and Policy in Community Corrections,” at the Society for the Study of Occupation, Park City, Utah, October 2011.

· Presented a poster, “Kiwanis Camp: Building a Future for OT at Camp,” at the Washington Occupational Therapy Association, Bellingham, Wash., October 2011.

· Is a reviewer for the Journal of Occupational Science and for OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health.

· Is a member of the Journal of Occupational Science editorial team and book review editor.

· Is a research abstract reviewer for the American Occupational Therapy Association and scholarship reviewer for the American Occupational Therapy Foundation.

· Is a member of the advisory board of Fuling Kids International.

Shawna Rohner, Dental Health Science, was a chapter reviewer on Dental Hygiene: Application to Clinical Practice, 2012. She also:

· Received a $875 award from the Faith Gabelnick Endowed Fund for “SmileCare Van” and a Faculty Incentive Fund award for development of a master of science degree program in dental hygiene.

· Was selected as an ambassador for 2012 Give Kids a Smile Community Development Leadership Institute.

· Was named to the Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene Honor Society.

· Earned a Scholarship to Dentsply’s Ultrasonic Scaling Teaching Institute in York, Pa.

· “Interprofessional Care for the Client with Breast Cancer,” Pacific University, January 2012.

· Presented a poster, “Using an Interprofessional (IP) Approach in Dental Hygiene Educational Research: Faculty Perspectives,” for the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions, Orlando, Fla., July 2012.

· Presented a poster, “Use of Reflective Blogging to Develop Student Critical Thinking Skills for Clinical Patient Care,” for the Allied Dental Programs Director’s Conference, Chicago, June 2012.

· Presented a continuing education lecture, “Using Ultrasonics in Nonsurgical periodontal Therapy and Clinical Practice,” for InterDent-Affiliated Hygienists in Vancouver, Wash., February 2012.

· Works with the Virginia Garcia Health Fair in McMinnville, Compassion Beaverton Health Fair and Project Homeless.

· Serves as Give Kids a Smile faculty chair/student advisor.

· Is a delegate to the Oregon Dental Hygiene Association.

Rob Rosenow, Physician Assistant Studies, presented “Neurologic Exam,” an invited lecture for the Advanced Ocular Therapeutics Course, sponsored by the Oregon Optometric Physicians Association and Pacific University College of Optometry. He also:

· Presented “Collaborating Across Boarders,” the third annual international meeting on interprofessional professional education.

· Is a consultant to Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago for development of a new College of Pharmacy.

· Was appointed to the advisory board of the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science College of Pharmacy.

Sean Roush, Occupational Therapy, received a service commendation from the Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon in October 2011. He also:

· Received IRB approval as primary investigator for “First-Person Perspectives on Dual Diagnosis Anonymous (DDA), in partnership with Dual Diagnosis Anonymous of Oregon, Dartmouth University Psychiatric Research Center, Oregon Department of Corrections and Oregon State Hospital.

· Co-wrote a poster, “Development of a Pharmacist-Assisted Tobacco Cessation Pilot Project Using a Multidisciplinary Team Approach,” that was presented at the Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions Annual Conference, Scottsdale, Ariz.

· Presented “What’s Happening at the AOTA Representative Assembly?“ at the Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon State Conference, Portland, Ore., October 2011.

· Presented “What is an IADL? Introduction to the OT Practice Framework,” at the Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon State Conference, Portland, Ore., October 2011.

· Is OT licensure supervisor for limited permit holders awaiting licensure examination.

· Is Oregon representative and assistant task group leader, American Occupational Therapy Association Representative Assembly.

· Is a board member, Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon.

· Is an advisory board member, Washington County Consumer Council—Comfort Zone.

Lisa Rowley, Dental Health Science, co-presented with Gail Aamodt, “Preparing Students for Independent Practice” at the ODHA annual meeting in Newberg, Ore.

Philip Ruder, Economics, received the Pacific University Story-Dondero Award for the Study of Politics and the Economy for “Effect of Transit Oriented Development Characteristics in Multifamily Residential Developments along the Eastside MAX Line on Public Transportation Ridership.”