2011-2012 Individual Accomplishments

Dawn Salgado, Psychology, presented “Gender Identity. Disorder, Transgender Issues, and the Controversies in the Upcoming DSM-V” at the 2012 Gender Studies Symposium at Lewis & Clark College.

Kaia Sand, English, serves as poetics commentator for Jacket2, a University of Pennsylvania publication on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. She also:

· Was awarded a grant to create a website portfolio of poetry, visual arts and community arts projects,

· Presented “Landscapes of Dissent: Seven notes on the Occupy Movements” at the Poetry & Revolution Conference at the University of London, Birkbeck.

Tal Sanders, Theatre, received a Drammy Award for outstanding set design from the Portland Area Theatre Alliance. He also:

· Opened a world-premier production of Day of the Docent at the CoHo Theatre and opened Locomotion at the Winingstad Theatre for Oregon Children.

· Opened an original musical, Recognition at Lincoln Hall.

· Opened a production of The American Pilot at Theatre Vertigo.

· Designed lighting for the Pacific DanceWorks concert and for the Oregon Children’s Theatre’s production of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.

· Completed scene design for the West Coast premier of That Hopey Changy Thing for Third Rail Repertory Theatre.

Lisa Sardinia, Biology, talked about “Epigenetics: The Merger of Nature and Nurture” at the May 7 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s monthly Science Pub series at the Bagdad Theater in Portland.

Rebecca Schulte, Education, presented “Aligning Constructs Represented In Teacher Work Samples With An Argument Based Approach To Validity Toward Improved Decision Making: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis,” at the Hawaii University International Conference, Waikiki, Honolulu, 2012. She also presented “Professional Development For The Inclusion Of Students With Disabilities,” to the Oregon Association of Teacher Educators, Salem, Ore., 2012.

Todd Schultz , Psychology, wrote the books Tiny Terror: Why Truman Capote (Almost) Wrote Answered Prayers and An Emergency in Slow Motion: The Inner Life of Diane Arbus. He also:

· Was contracted for an Elliott Smith biography.

· Was featured in the July 16thOregonian in “Where I Write.”

Ken Schumann, Athletics, was appointed by the NCAA to serve as chair of Division III men’s basketball.

Don Schweitzer, Social Work, presented “A Place to Connect: Understanding the Impact and Influences of Biophilia” and “Comparing Two Pedagogical Approaches in a Macro Social Work Course.”

Jeffrey Seward, Politics & Government, received the Pacific University Story-Dondero Award for the Study of Politics and the Economy, 2012, for “Video Documentary on Pioneering Computer Scientist Peruvian Women.”

Sarah Sharp, and fellow members of the Student Health Center staff, Kathy Cooper, Keely Josi, Kerry Pioske and Nancy Tuttle, received the Pacific University Dedication to Students Award, 2012.

Amanda Stead, Communication Sciences and Disorders, co-wrote “Pictorial and Graphemic Processing Fluent Aphasia,” published in Imagination, Cognition, & Personality, 2012. She also:

· Co-wrote “Treating Apraxia of Speech as a Result of Post-Encephalic Parkinsonism Using Discourse,” published in the Journal of Medical Speech-Language Pathology, 2012.

· Co-presented “Time-of-Day Effects on Language in Aging & Dementia,” at the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association Annual Convention, November 2011.

BJ Scott, Professional Psychology, co-presented a poster, “Health perceptions in individuals with chronic pain: Latinos and Caucasians,” at Pacific University’s Diversity Day. Hillsboro, Ore., May 2012. She also:

· Co-presented a poster, “The Influence Of Verbal Abilities On Visuospatial Reasoning,” at the International Neuropsychological Society conference. Boston, Mass., February 2012.

· Co-presented a poster, “Developing and Implementing an Interprofessional Course: Strengths and Challenges,” at the meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, July 2011.

· Co-wrote “Developing and Implementing an Interprofessional Course and Identifying Its Strengths and Challenges,” published in Health and Interprofessional Practice, 2012.

· Was appointed to the Aphasia Network Board of Directors.

Jeff Seward, Politics & Government, presented “Inequality and Actually Existing Democracy: A New Framework of Analysis” at the Pacific Northwest Political Science Association meeting in Seattle in September 2011.

Robin Shallcross, Professional Psychology, has received a Fulbright Specialist Award to Mexico to teach a three-week intensive course at la Universidad Latina de América (UNLA) on the psychological effects of transnational migration. She also:

· Co-wrote “Integrative Psychodynamic treatment of Ataque de Nervios,” published in Clinical Case Studies, 2012.

· Was a member of the Oregon Board of Psychological Examiners.

Jim Sheedy, Optometry, talked about “How 3D Games Can ID Vision Problems” in a television interview this summer on 5NBC Chicago. He also held the sixth annual VPI Research Conference in June. In addition, with Scott Cooper and Shun-nan Yang, Optometry, he published a study, “Stereoscopic Viewing and Reported Perceived Immersion and Symptoms” in the July issue of the journal Optometry & Vision Science.

Judy Sherman, former athletic director, joined the ranks of Oregon’s sports elite in February when she was awarded the DNA Award at the 2011 Oregon Sports Awards.

Becky Shipman, Pharmacy, received the Pacific University Splendid Audacity Award, 2012.

Danice Shulund, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, has been asked to co-present at the national Common Application Conference in Washington, D.C., about the success of Common Application at Pacific.

Angela Skjeie, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, presented “On the Selection and Usage of Recruiter,” with Steve Mason, UIS, with Ellucian and Oklahoma Christian University. She will present Pacific University’s success story throughout the Northwest region.

Dennis Smith, Optometry, received the Pacific University President’s Award for Excellence in Professional Education, 2012.

Brendan Stamper , Pharmacy, co-wrote “Unique sex-based approach identifies transcriptomic biomarkers associated with non-syndromic craniosynostosis,” published in Gene Regulation and Systems Biology, 2012. He also:

· Co-wrote “Covalent Modification And Time-Dependent Inhibition Of Human CYP2E1 By The Meta-Isomer Of Acetaminophen,” published in Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 2012.

· Co-wrote “A Human Homeotic Transformation Resulting From Mutations in PLCB4 and GNAI3 Causes Auriculocondylar Syndrome,” published in American Journal of Human Genetics, 2012.

· Co-wrote “Calvarial Osteoblast Transcriptome Profiling In Single-Suture Craniosynostosis,” published in PLoS ONE, 2011.

Sue Stein, Pharmacy, presented “Effective Teaching Techniques” at the Pacific University 2012 Blended Learning Retreat. She also:

· Co-wrote “Building a Coherent Curricular Interface in a Learner-Centered Paradigm,” published in the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 75(5), 2011.

· Presented “Effective Lectures: Methods and Activities,” Pacific University and Oregon State University Residency Teaching Training Program, 2011.

· Co-wrote “A 1-Day Course to Improve the Effectiveness of Health Professions Faculty Members,” published in American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 2012.

· Co-wrote “What Does Effective Teaching Look Like? Profession-centric Perceptions of Effective Teaching in Pharmacy and Nursing Education,” published in Health and Interprofessional Practice, 2011.

· Serves as National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Region 6 Academic Liaison,

· Is a member of the Virginia Garcia Foundation Board, the Remington Science Research Board, the Oregon Society of Pharmacists Association, Convention Planning Committee, the Oregon Pharmacy Coalition, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice Roundtable, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), Council of Deans, and the Northwest Pharmacy Experiential Consortium.

· Was on the AACP Council of Deans, Task Force on Student Learning, 2011-2012.

· Is a delegate to the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Convention and the AACP House of Delegates.

· Served on the ASHP Section of Clinical Specialists and Scientists Programming Committee, 2011-2012, 2010-2011, 2009-2010, 2008-2009.

· Is OSHP Professional Affairs Council co-chair.

· Serves as a reviewer for American Journal for Pharmaceutical Education and as an American Pharmacists Association (APhA) poster presentation evaluator.

Stephanie Stockham-Ronollo, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, graduated with a master of arts in counseling psychology and counselor education from University of Colorado Denver and as a member of the Chi Sigma Iota honor society. She also:

· Received a scholarship to attend the 14th annual Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego.

· Founded a counseling practice, Roots Renewal, that offers fee-reduced and sliding-scale mental health therapy to the underserved Portland community.

· Was first author on “Couple’s Therapy and Reiki — A Holistic therapeutic Integration,” published in Family Journal.

Stephanie Stokamer, Center for Civic Engagement, published “Modeling Citizenship: The Nexus of Knowledge and Skill.” She also:

· Presented “Pedagogical Catalysts of Civic Competence” at the International Association for Service-Learning and Community Engagement conference.

· Received a 2011 Dissertation Research Award from the International Association for Service-Learning and Community Engagement.

Karlen Suga , Enrollment Management & Student Affairs, published “Connecting Generations Through Legacy” and “Voices from the Future,” chapters in Asian and Pacific Islanders in Higher Education: Research and Perspectives on Identity, Leadership and Success, 2012.

Lisa Szefel, History, published the book The Gospel of Beauty in the Progressive Era: Reforming American Verse and Values. She also:

· Presented “Reconstructing Reason: Values, Virtues and the Moral Imagination in Postwar America, for the Center for Advanced Studies at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

· Presented “Literary Turns: Art, Politics and Philosophy,” a panel discussion.

· Published “The Literary Turn in Postwar Politics.”

· Presented as part of a roundtable discussion of Age of Fracture by Daniel Rodgers

Mark Szymanski, Education, presented “Pedagogical and Cognitive Frameworks for Interdisciplinary Learning with New Media,” at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 2011. He also:

· Co-presented “Digital Depth and Complexity: Technology Integration Strategies for Differentiating Instruction with the Icons of Depth and Complexity,” at the 2011 California Association for the Gifted Conference, Palm Springs, Calif.

· Published “Internet 2.0 and the Learning Sciences. The Untold Story of a Timely Meeting,” in the The Journal of Education, Community, and Values: Interface on the Internet, 2011.

· As part of the Algebraic Thinking Project, developed an app available on ITunes U entitled, Point Plotter, to help kids learn about linear equations.