The Passions of Dr. John Hayes

John paddlingAmong the brilliant constellations of intellectual life that inhabit the Pacific firmament, there exists one with peculiarly avian qualities. That constellation is inhabited by Dr. John Hayes, who seems to have come to us not so much in the beak of a stork, but rather in the wake of a bald eagle dragging a kayak. Birds and floating about on the water seem to be central to John's interests and passions.

If you find yourself up a creek without a paddle, John is the man you want to see floating towards you, with that talismanic Australian-style bush-wacker hat on his head. John seems to have been born in a canoe; he floats effortlessly across the water without apparently using a paddle at all. His love affair with the idea of floating on quiet water has led him to write four books telling us noisy people how to calm down and find the more tranquil places to paddle. But it's the avian order that mainly captures his attention. John has cataloged and documented 580 U.S. bird species and about 2,500 worldwide. He is close friends with striated pardelots, frogmouths, tyrant flycatchers, Australasian babblers and helmet shrikes, not chaps one normally comes across in the faculty common room. It's this love affair with birds that we celebrate in this memorial to the work of John Hayes.

A message from John Miller, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

John HayesIn his nine years as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. John Hayes built a reputation of strong advocacy for the liberal arts and sciences, integrity in his work with faculty, staff, and colleagues; and a practice of always putting our students first.

When I arrived at Pacific in 2008, John was the 'senior' Dean. As the longest serving Dean, John was a leader among his colleagues in the Provost's Council and a champion of our collegial culture. John's experienced leadership was noteworthy as he led the college through unprecedented growth in students, faculty and strategic additions to the curriculum.

As John's time as Dean ends, it is fitting he will now provide leadership as the inaugural Director of Pacific's Center for a Sustainable Society.

Thanks John for your wisdom and your tireless dedication to the college and university.

John S. Miller
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

About the John Hayes Bird Tour

John's Bird-watching kit Pacific’s John Hayes Bird Tour is a multi-disciplinary collaboration. Terry and Steve O’Day (Art) created the birds, Rich Van Buskirk (Environmental Sciences) researched and composed the natural history of each bird and Mike Geraci (Media Arts) developed the interactive web pages to guide visitors to the campus tour. Joyce Gabriel (Marketing and Communications) donated her watercolor paintings of the birds that adorn this web site. All donated many hours of their time. Financial support for the project was provided donations made by faculty and staff from across the University, including:

  • Mark Ankeny
  • Leah Bagley
  • Helen Bair
  • Ann Barr
  • Tom Beck
  • Dave Boersema
  • Juliet Brosing
  • Lorelle Browning
  • Michael Burch-Pesses
  • Julie Burris
  • James Butler
  • Jennifer Camp
  • Jeane Canon
  • Nancy Christoph
  • Dave Cordes
  • Michelle Cowing
  • Phil Creighton
  • Jeane-Sarah de Larquier
  • David DeMoss
  • Huijian Dong
  • Karen Dunston
  • Lorely French
  • Joyce Gabriel
  • Mike Geraci
  • Lesley Hallick
  • Jennifer Hardacker
  • Ellen Hastay
  • Donna and Bruce Hepler
  • Betty Horn
  • Junko Iijima
  • Ramona Ilea
  • Heide Island
  • Rick Jobs
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Dane Joseph
  • Pam Kofstad
  • Eva Krebs
  • Larry Lipin
  • Pam Lopez
  • Allie Losli
  • Ellen Margolis
  • Cheleen Mahar
  • Monica Marvin
  • Jim Moore
  • Chuck O’Connor
  • Terry and Steve O’Day
  • Brian O’Driscoll
  • Darlene Pagan
  • Theresa Pariera
  • Susan Pedersen
  • Sarah Phillips
  • Jann Purdy
  • Adam Rafalovich
  • Krishnan Ramaya
  • Martha Rampton
  • Ryan, Julian and Nathan Reed
  • Jessica Ritter
  • Phil Ruder
  • David Scholnick
  • Don Schweitzer
  • Jeffrey Seward
  • Jan Shield
  • Steve Smith
  • Tammy Spencer
  • Byron Steiger
  • Windy Stein
  • Stephanie Stokamer
  • Tim Thompson
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