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  • Abbott Ctr, F-9
    • Office of Alumni Relations
  • Abigail Scott Duniway House, B-10
    • Humanities Offices
  • Admissions (Knight Hall, B-10)
  • Alumni Relations (Abbott Ctr, F-9)
  • Aquatic Center, C-8
  • Art Department (Brown Hall and Warner Hall, C-12)
  • Athletic Ctr (Stoller Ctr, B-7)


  • Bafaro Baseball Stadium, C-3
  • Baseball Field, C-3
  • Bates House, B-10
    • Arts & Sciences Admin. offices
    • Humanities Admin. & faculty offices
  • Berglund Hall, E-11
    • Arts & Sciences Faculty Offices
    • College of Education
    • Berglund Center for Internet Studies
    • Early Childhood Learning Center
  • Berglund Ctr for Internet Studies (Berglund Hall), E-11
  • Bookstore, B-13
  • Brown Hall, C-12
    • Art Department offices & classrooms
  • Burlingham Hall (residence hall), C-8


Campus Public Safety, A-10

  • Career Development Ctr (Chapman Hall), B-9
  • Carnegie Hall, B-12
    • Anthropology Department offices
    • Center for Gender Equity
    • Pacific Institute for Ethics & Social Policy
    • Sociology Department offices
  • Cawein Gallery (Scott Hall), C-11
  • Ctr for Civic Engagement (Scott Hall), C-11
  • Ctr for Gender Equity (Carnegie, lower level), B-10
  • Ctr for Language & International Collaboration (CLIC) (Scott Hall), B-12
  • Cedar Street Facilities Compound, F-9
    • Facilities Engineering offices
    • Motor Pool
    • Maintenance Shops
    • Paradise Hall
    • Recycling Center
  • Chapman Hall, B-9
    • Career Development Ctr
  • Clark Hall (residence hall), D-9
    • Custodial offices, lower level
  • College of Education (Berglund Hall), E-11
  • College of Optometry (Jefferson Hall), D-12
  • Conference Services (Service Center), B-11
  • Copy Ctr (Service Center), B-11
  • Creamery Bldg, B-11
    • Milky Way student lounge
    • Pacific Outback office
    Custodial Offices (Clark Hall), D-9


  • Drake House, B-10
    • Facilities Set-Up Crew offices
    • Philosophy Department offices


  • English Language Institute (Scott Hall), C-11


  • Facilities Engineering (Cedar St. Facilities Complex), F-9
  • Facilities Management (Paradise Hall), F-8
  • Food Service (University Ctr), D-10
  • Forest Grove Aquatic Center, C-8
  • Frye Bldg, B-11
    • Human Resources
    • University Counsel


  • Gabelnick Labyrinth, B-12
  • Gilbert Hall, B-8
  • Greenhouse, E-10


  • Help Desk (Marsh Hall), C-11
  • Holce Tennis Courts, E-9
  • Human Resources (Frye Bldg), A-11


  • Information Services:
    • Help Desk (Marsh Hall), C-11
    • PIC - Pacific Information Ctr (Washburne Hall - UC), D-10
    • TIC - Technology Information Ctr (Marsh Hall), C-11
  • International Programs (Scott Hall), C-11


  • Jefferson Hall, D-12
    • College of Optometry


  • Knight Hall, B-10
    • Admissions offices


  • Labyrinth, B-12
  • Landscape Storage (Cedar St. Facilities Compound), F-9
  • Learning Support Services (Scott Hall), C-11
  • Library, D-11
  • Lincoln Park Athletic Complex, B,C,D 2-5
  • Lincoln Park Stadium, C-5


  • Marsh Hall, C-11
    • Arts & Sciences Faculty Offices
    • Business Office
    • Financial Aid Office
    • Help Desk
    • President’s Office
    • Registrar
    • Taylor Auditorium
    • Technology Information Services (TIC)
    • University Information Services (UIS)
    • University Relations
  • McCormick Hall (residence hall), C-9
    • Dog House student lounge
    • Learning Support Services
  • McCready Hall
    (Taylor–Meade Performing Arts Ctr), E-12
    • Music Department
  • MFA Building, A-9
    • Masters in Writing (MFA)
  • McGill Auditorium (Murdock), E-11
  • Mellott Rose Garden, F-12
  • Milky Way (Creamery Bldg), B-11
  • Motor Pool (Cedar St. Facilities Compound), F-9
  • Murdock Hall, E-11
    • Chemistry Dept.
    • McGill Auditorium


  • New Construction (Paradise Hall), F-8


  • Office of Parent Support (Washburne Hall -U.C.), D-10
  • Old College Hall, B-12
    • Academy Room
    • Price Memorial Chapel
    • University Museum
  • Outback Program (Creamery Bldg), B-11


  • Stoller Ctr and Field House (formerly PAC), B-7
  • Pacific Information Center (PIC), (Washburne - U.C.), D-10
  • Pacific Institute for Ethics and Social Policy (Carnegie Hall), B-12
  • Pacific University Library (Library), D-11
  • Paradise Hall, F-8
    • Facilities Engineering
    • New Construction
    • Scheduling
  • Philosophy Department offices (Drake House), B-10
  • President’s Office (Marsh Hall), C-11
  • Price Hall, E-10
    • Optometry Residency Labs
    • Mathematics Department
  • Psychology Dept. (Carnegie Hall), B-12


  • Registrar (Marsh Hall), C-11
  • Reynolds Soccer Field, E-9
  • Recycling Center, Cedar St. Facilities Complex F-9


  • Scheduling (Paradise Hall), F-8
  • Scott Hall, C-11
    • Arts and Sciences Faculty Offices
    • Cawein Gallery
    • Ctr for Language and International Collaboration (CLIC)
    • English Language Institute
    • International Programs
    • Office of Advancement Services
    • Office of Development
    • Office of Events
  • Service Ctr, B-11
    • Conference Services
    • Copy Center
    • Purchasing
  • Soccer Field (Reynolds), E-9
  • Soccer/Lacrosse Practice Field, C-4
  • Soccer/Lacrosse Field and Track, C-5
  • Softball Field, D-4
  • Softball Stadium, D-4
  • Stoller Ctr and Field House, B-7
  • Strain Science Ctr, E-10
  • Story Memorial Garden, F-10
  • Student Check-In (Quad), C-9
  • Student Health and Counseling Centers, F-12
  • Student Life Offices (Washburne Hall – UC), D-10


  • Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Ctr, E-12
    • McCready Hall
    • Music Dept.
  • Technology Information Center (TIC), (Marsh Hall), C-11
  • Holce Tennis Courts, E-9
  • Trombley Square, C-10


  • University Counsel (Frye Bldg), B-11
  • University Ctr (UC) (see Washburne Hall), D-10
  • University Relations (Marsh Hall), C-11
  • U.C.C. Church, B-12


  • Vandervelden Court (resident housing), B-8
    • Student apartments
  • Voyages Program (Creamery Bldg), A-11


  • Walter Hall (resident hall), C-10
    • Media Arts offices - lower level
  • Walter Annex, C-10
    • Slagel Classroom - 101
    • Meyer Classroom - 105
  • Warner Hall, C-12
    • Tom Miles Theatre
    • Theatre Dept.
    • Art Department offices and classrooms
    • Dance Studio
  • Washburne Hall/University Ctr, D-10
    • Alumni Room
    • Fireside Lounge
    • Mail Room
    • Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)
    • Pacific Information Ctr (PIC)
    • PULSE (studend lounge)
    • Student Life Offices
    • University Food Service
    • Writing Resource Ctr
  • World Languages House, B-9
    • World Languages faculty offices
  • Writing Resource Ctr (Washburne Hall - U.C.), D-10