Seminars and Conferences

Girls Today

CGE collaborates with AAUW on a one-day seminar to bring girls ages 12-15 to Pacific’s campus to discuss in round-table breakout sessions “the hidden curriculum” or issues that may be contributing to the fact that the academic performance of girls tends to fall behind that of boys in the junior high years. Students from the School of Professional Psychology facilitate discussions. This year we hope to arrange follow up Girls Today meetings in the junior high schools and two Parents Today meetings. Event scheduled for Friday, October 12, 2012. Registration forms and details are available on the CGE home page.

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It's A Guy Thing

Pacific University’s Center for Gender Equity hosts a free conference for Western Washington County boys, ages 12 through 15. The day-long seminar is designed to bring boys together to discuss diverse issues that schools often cannot adequately address.  Boys’ conferences like this one are shedding light on important issues while letting boys express themselves, explore what it means to be male in today’s society, and propose strategies to address their common concerns. Event scheduled for Friday, October 12, 2012.

More information about our Boys' Conference


Women's Self Defense Seminars

CGE offers seminars in self-defense for women taught by Claire Barlow. Seminars are offered to groups on request.

Seasonal Celebrations

This is an opportunity for people to get together around special times of the year or special times of life to celebrate in a non-denominational setting.


Sexual Minorities and the Public Schools

Last year CGE partnered with the Rainbow Coalition, the Washington County Pride Project, Forest Grove Pflag, and the Portland Pride Project to develop a program by which we provided a seminar for public school teachers, administrators and counselors on using language and activities in the classroom which are sensitive to LGTB students or students with queer parents. This year we hope to work with the College of Education to present the seminar as part of their curriculum.

Girls and Computer Science

CGE offered a seminar for girls in the summer of 2007 to stimulate interest in computer science.