Call for Papers
Gender, Sexuality, and the Body
Interdisciplinary Conference
18-19 October 2013

Pacific University's Center for Gender Equity and Gender and Sexuality Studies Program
invite submissions for its 2nd interdisciplinary conference for untenured faculty,
graduate students, and advanced undergraduates of all disciplines. This year we seek
work that deepens understandings of the relationships among gender, sexuality and the

We are pleased to announce our keynote speaker, Natalie Boero the author of the
recently acclaimed book, Killer Fat. Dr. Boero will discuss her research on weight loss
surgeries. She will focus on how gender and sexuality are central to people’s decisions
to have surgery as well as to their experience of their post-surgery bodies.

Specific topics/themes may include the following:
• how individuals alter bodies to conform to or contest dominant social norms
around gender and sexuality.
• how bodies act as an active canvas for the representation of meaning and
• language and discourses on gender, sexuality, and the body
• implications of the DSM-V on diagnosis and assessment of gender and sexuality
• virtual representations of gender, sexuality and the body
• current controversies and impact of pro-ana and pro-mia sites
• fat studies and the rejection of bias based on weight, shape, and size
• the impact of media in the construction of "healthy" vs. "unhealthy" bodies.
• the historically and cross culturally variable ways that bodies are shaped by
discursive power.
• how bodies and perceptions around gender and sexuality can be reshaped,
reformed and molded to produce better sexual experiences.
• gender, sexuality and the body within specific settings and contexts (e.g.,
military, medical encounters, work settings, restrooms, etc.)
• expanding our understanding of gender and sexuality as it relates to health and
• exploring movement and physical training as it relates to gender
characteristics and sexual experience.
• deconstructing the dominant sex-dimorphic model as it obscures sex and gender
• intersectional work that highlights the unique place of bodies in the relationship
between gender, sexuality, race, and/or age.

Conference format includes roundtable, poster, and regular sessions.

Submit title, abstract of no more than 250 words, and requested session format
(roundtable, poster or regular session) to by April 1, 2013. If
appropriate to your discipline, please include 2-3 learning objectives.