The Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree program (pending candidacy accreditation from the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA); anticipated July 2012) is designed to prepare and graduate audiologists who are professionally competent, engaged in the community, and committed to service.

Program & Requirements

For admission into the Doctor of Audiology degree (AuD) program at Pacific University, candidates must have an undergraduate degree showing a broad liberal arts orscience background. Students are referred to the School of Audiology Web site for specific GPA requirements. Two letters of recommendation are required; one must be from a professor who has taught you in college and can speak specifically to your potential for success in a doctoral-level audiology program. Volunteer or observational experiences in audiology prior to application are strongly recommended.

Audiologists are people who enjoy working one-on-one with other people. The profession requires a strong command of the English language, an interest in technology, and the ability to communicate clearly with others. Candidates who enter a Doctor of Audiology degree program often have an undergraduate degree in the following areas (majors and minors): communication sciences and disorders, the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), the social sciences (psychology, sociology), the communication sciences (English, communication), or business. In reality, a person could earn a degree in many liberal arts or science disciplines and meet the other entry requirements for possible admission to the Doctor of Audiology degree program. Regardless of major or minor area of study, at least one course each in the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and social/behavioral sciences are required as part of a student’s undergraduate degree. Courses in communication sciences and disorders relevant to the study of audiology are strongly encouraged. Evidence of a strong commitment to pursuing a career as an audiologist is essential.


CSD 200-Intro to Communication Sciences and Disorders (2 credits)
CSD 202-Acoustics and Phonetics (4 credits)
CSD 204-Anatomy of Physiology of Speech (4 credits)
CSD 206-Intro to Speech and Language Development (4 credits)
CSD 300-Intro to Audiology and Audiology Assessment (2 credits)
CSD 302-Intro to Motor Speech, Voice, and Stuttering (2 credits)
CSD 304-Child Speech and Language Disorders (4 credits)

More Information

Pacific University School of Audiology

Program Contacts

Victoria Keetay
Director, School of Audiology

Andrea Lybarger
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions