Preparing for a Career

PACIFIC GRADUATES ARE IN DEMAND. In a typical year, over 70 percent of Pacific's seniors have jobs or have been accepted to graduate/professional school by the time they graduate. It's easy to see why. Pacific graduates have learned how to succeed - in life and on the job. They have the power to make decisions, to affect change and to inspire. They possess strong writing, speaking, and problem-solving skills that are necessary in every vocation.

The Ability to Adapt

In a highly technological world, the job market is changing rapidly. Students today are preparing for jobs that may not even exist yet. One of the most important things students can learn in college is how to adapt to the chaning needs of the business world and that-as the marketplace changes - they can change right along with it.

Helping You Get There from Here

Pacific's Career Development Center can help you through every stage of the career planning process - from choosing a major to finding an internship to applying to graduate school to interviewing for a job. With the personal attention and interest that is a hallmark of Pacific University, the Center's staff focuses on you, preparing you to focus on your future.

The Center also offers the Alumni Center Career Network, a database of nearly 1,000 Pacific graduates who are eager to share their expertise with students. Many of these contacts often lead to internships, mentorships, or interviews. Each year, the Center sponsors job fairs that are attended by more than 400 corporate recruiters.