Preparing for Graduate and Professional School

For many students, Pacific is one stop on a journey to a satisfying career; while it may not be the last stop for students planning to pursue an advanced degree or professional study in medicinepre-law, finance, or health sciences - it can be the most important.

Pacific's academic programs combine theory with active learning. Through research projects and internships, you'll gain hands-on experience highly valued by competitive graduate programs. And, you will have a faculty advisor to guide you through the application and testing process.

Along with its many undergraduate degree programs, Pacific also offers ten graduate programs. The programs attract students from across the region and the country, as well as many Pacific University undergraduates.

Applying to graduate schools means taking aptitude tests, writing personal statements, and filling out applications. Pacific’s Career Development Center sponsors workshops to help students with the process and helps them make educated decisions about their futures.

In addition to Pacific graduate programs, alumni are enrolled in graduate and professional programs at schools such as:


Antioch University
Auburn University
Boston University
Chapman University
Columbia University
George Washington University
Michigan State University
Northwestern College of Law
Northwestern University
Ohio State University
Oregon Graduate Institute
Oregon State University
Portland State University
Rutgers University
Texas A&M
Tulane University
University of California at Berkeley
University of Chicago
University of Iowa
University of Michigan
University of Notre Dame
University of Oregon
University of Southern California
University of Texas
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin
Vanderbilt University
Washington University in St. Louis
Yale University