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Academic Life at Pacific University

Career Preparation

Pacific graduates are in demand. In a typical year, over 70 percent of Pacific's seniors have jobs or have been accepted to graduate/professional school by the time they graduate. It's easy to see why. Pacific graduates have learned how to succeed - in life and on the job. More Information»


Graduate & Professional School Preparation

For many students, Pacific is one stop on a journey to a satisfying career; while it may not be the last stop for students planning to pursue an advanced degree or professional study in medicine, law, or health sciences - it can be the most important. More Information»


Pacific University Academic Life



According to students, the faculty is what makes Pacific special. Pacific professors defy the stereotypical notion of the college instructor. It's not their style to stand in front of a classroom and lecture for an hour. Instead, they push students to seek answers to their own questions; they open their homes to students; and they rearrange their schedules, all to give students the time and encouragement they need to thrive. More Information»