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John Harn

International Admissions Counselor

Territory International Students

Countries Traveled To Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

Languages Spoken English, of course, and a little Japanese

Favorite Cuisine Japanese, without a doubt!  It is so simple and fresh! But I am completely omnivorous.  Look up that word in the dictionary, international students!

Inspirational Global Leader There are many, but I am impressed with Michail Gorbechev of Russia and Anwar Sadat of Egypt because they both had open minds and could appreciate goals and aspirations of their adversaries.  And they were willing to make bold changes, despite the risks.

What I Like MOST About International Students International education changes the world by breaking down barriers between cultures and countries. The amazing thing to me is that students who participate in this are sometimes not even aware of what an important thing they are doing!  International students have an amazing amount of courage and I admire them for that.


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