Abbott Alumni Center


About the Abbott Alumni Center

The purpose of the Abbott Alumni Center is to provide a permanent place on the campus of Pacific University for visitors, administrators, faculty, students, and alumni to meet and feel welcome.

This building was constructed during the tenure of President Faith Gabelnick, and her guidance and encouragement brought this project to completion. The superb help of Vice President Tim O'Malley, Alumni Director Amanda Terhes, and Dr. Willard Bleything made this possible.

"As donors, we are extremely proud and happy to see this facility a reality," said Ambassador S.L. Abbott '52, OD '53. "I am cognizant that this university gave me the foundation that allowed our family to prosper and succeed in reaching our goals. We feel that this same opportunity exists today for any student willing to accept the challenge."


Visiting the Abbott Alumni Center

The Abbott Alumni Center hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on week days. Alumni who wish to take advantage of Abbott Alumni Center services outside of normal business hours may contact us to request assistance.

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