Lodging Options

Do you remember ...

Meeting your roommate for the first time?

Getting caught in a water balloon fight by the dorm mother ... or the RA?

Staying up late talking (or cramming) over pizza?

Carrying your toiletries down the hall to the showers?

The late-night snow ball fights during the first snowfall of the season?

"Courting" outside the dorms?

Bowling, or playing football, in the hallway?

Ramen soup, or sticky rice, clogging the water fountain?

Frisbee on the quad?

Students from Hawaii walking to class in snow wearing shorts and "slippers?"

Leaving your door open to welcome guests?



Reunion is your opportunity to relive those memories! Gather a group and stay on campus. You will be housed near your classmates, and this time, you get to pick your roommate. Rooms are available in McCormick and Burlingham Halls. You will find that many things on campus and in the "dorms" have stayed the same, while many others have changed greatly. Join your classmates and see for yourself what campus life is like today.

McCormick Hall

Contemporary Photo of McCormick Hall



Built in the 1920s as a men's dormitory.

Nicknamed "Mac."

Now houses men and women, mainly sophomores and juniors.

Remodeled in the 1990s.

As the oldest residence space on campus Mac Hall is filled with the memories of many generations of alumni, come find yours! Each McCormick room contains two twin beds and many feature a bathroom shared with one other room. Bathrooms for men and women are also located on each floor. Some rooms are ADA accessible. McCormick residents can relax and watch movies in the "Cinemac" tv lounge or play pool or foos ball in the Dog House. They can also catch up with old friends in the spacious main floor lounge. McCormick amenities also include free parking and wireless internet access.

Burlingham Hall

Burlingham Hall



Construction completed in 2006.
Co-ed, houses upper-classmen.
The first LEED GOLD certified building on the west coast.
Home to a collection of student artwork.

Burlingham Hall features the latest innovations in student residence. Rooms include free parking and wireless internet access, air conditioning and full kitchens. Each room contains one twin bed and a bathroom shared with three other rooms. Burlingham also boasts a Sports lounge with pool table, foosball, ping pong and plasma TV. As a LEED certified building Burlinham was designed to be more energy efficient, with better air quality and a reduced environmental impact. All rooms are ADA accessible.

Off Campus

There are a number of lodging options in the Forest Grove area. To learn more about staying off campus, see the University hotel & motel guide.