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Seniors are required to present a cohesive body of work showing their progression as an artist in addition to creating a series of show pieces. The images shown are representative of the artists entire portfolio which includes their show pieces hung in the Cawein Gallery.


Jillian Bender

Young or Old, We Love to Play

These photographs are my attempt to present people playing in their environment. The images were taken of subjects unknowingly in front of my camera lens. Children can be spontaneous and creative almost anywhere. Adults are a bit more rigid and reserved about their play.

Luciana Bianco

Color in Black & White

Bright colors in photographs really draw you in to the rest of the picture, but they can also stand-alone beautifully. For my senior project, I have literally isolated the brilliant colors within my photographs to portray their magnificence as they appear in every day life. Life is so chaotic that it often passes by in a blur. Through my photographs I would like people to stop and enjoy the beautiful colors that they are otherwise blind to.

Jeff Brass

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Photography is an artistic medium that captures the natural world in all of its beauty and glory. Now, more than ever, the natural world is changing, and photography is becoming increasingly vital. Water plays a major role in my photography because it is an essential part of all life on Earth and is also heavily impacted by the presence of people. In addition, it shows the range of beauty in photography, by either emphasizing clarity in a subject, or reflecting the passing of time, by use of longer exposure times. I have developed my landscape photography around my interest in the environment, as well as my love of photographic art, drawing my inspiration from great artists such as Ansel Adams and Vern Bartley, with whom I share an interest in both nature and the technical aspects of photography. My goal is to capture brilliant scenes in nature, before they are gone.

Kamie Oda

The Art of Photography

The purpose of my senior project is to celebrate my seeing photography as an art form. With the guidance of my mentor, Professor Jim Flory, I have gone from leaving my camera on its automatic setting for all subjects and situations, to experimenting with the manual controls and lighting. After purchasing three yards of black cloth and a desk lamp, I set up a studio in my dorm room and began taking portraits of Pacific University friends wearing t-shirts I embellished with Hawaiian and Oregonian motifs. That was the beginning of my exploring the medium and discovering my passion. The progression of my photographs, from touristy snapshots to portraits revealing something about my subjects, is evidence of my applying what I have learned. Through my experiences, I now realize photography is not just a reproduction of an image, it is truly and aesthetically an art form.

Katherine Petcoff

An Eye on the World and a Camera in Hand

Katie Petcoff combined her love of art, photography and travel to do two senior projects. One involved viewing the world through a camera's lens. The other - visualizing art through the design of museums. A double major in anthropology and art, Petcoff presented two views of London museums: The National Gallery, which houses Western European painting from 13th to 19th centuries; and Tate: Modern, which holds a collection of contemporary art. Her study on "Art Tourism: An Ethnographic View," involved showing how individuals are influenced by a museum's design, both exterior and interior. She also showed off her photographs from travels throughout the world for her project, "An Eye on the World and A Camera in Hand" at the Katrin Cawein Gallery. "I really wanted to talk about my photography and related travel and how it is important to people," she said. "I want to encourage people to travel and get out there."

Saori Den

Five Years: Photographic Dictionary

It has been almost five years since I began college and photography has been a significant tool for me ever since, to figure out and understand myself as an individual with creative mind. It is my attempt to preserve transitory moments in our lives that I would never want to leave behind. My senior project consists of photographs and definitions, which I call "Photographic Dictionary." This project is dedicated to my late mother, who loved a song "Five Years" by David Bowie.