CLIC is a teaching and learning space designed to seamlessly integrate information technologies into the teaching and learning of languages and cultures. More than ever before in history, college graduates must develop competencies to work and live in a global environment. Our graduates – and future leaders – must not only be able to speak with our global neighbors, but to communicate with them effectively and with confidence.

The best practices of language education tell us that such cultural competencies cannot be achieved through the simple memorization of vocabulary. Instead, students must engage the language and culture they are learning. Such engagement would be an insurmountable challenge at a small University in rural Oregon, were it not for the opportunities provided by advanced information technologies.

CLIC is a collaborative partner with the faculty and staff of the College of Arts & Sciences, helping bring to bear the best pedagogical materials and methodologies on the teaching of languages and cultures. 


Teaching Spaces

World Theater with Wireless Headsets

Seminar Space with SmartCart

24 Seat Computer Lab with webcam, audio recording and headset

inFocus portable whiteboard projector

Portable Whiteboards



Livemocha- Online language learning in 38 languages

Audacity - simple, robust audio recording


Skype - video telephony and chat

Multilingual input for non-European languages

Smart Notebook

Curriculum & Project Development

Professional AV Production Studio with

Adobe Production Suite

Final Cut Studio

Final Cut Express



Equipment Rental

Video Recorders - Classroom sets and professional

Audio Recorders - Professional field recorders

Microphones - USB and XLR

Tripods for all recording equipment

Region Free DVD Player

iPods & iPod Touch