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Route Tracker Pro: Computer Vision Analysis in Football

Computer vision is a growing field that creates "eyes" for the computer allowing it to analyze images and video sequences. Route Tracking Pro applies computer vision to football by analyzing digital game footage using vision algorithms to identify typical passing routes that teams run. Patterns of movement are identified using an object tracking algorithm and are used to create a diagram of each play. These diagrams are matched to templates to identify each route by its common football name in order to collect statistics on commonly run routes. Data is preserved in a database, allowing teams to prepare for games by viewing the play diagrams and route statistics of their opponents. Using vision analysis, Route Tracker Pro decreases the amount of time a person spends categorizing game footage, which provides teams with more practice time on the field.

Wigness Senior Capstone  

TiZI: A Z-Code Interpreter for the TI-89 Graphing Calculator

TiZI is a TI-89 calculator application for playing interactive fiction, a type of text-based game in which the player types commands and the game responds with textual descriptions. To run these games, TiZI implements a virtual machine called the Z-Machine, for which a plethora of classic and modern interactive fiction games are available. One of TiZI's key features is the use of a standardized save format, which allows games in progress to be transferred between the calculator and other devices, such laptops and smartphones. TiZI allows any owner of a TI-89 calculator to take their interactive fiction games with them wherever they go.

RightRoom: Housing Management Software

RightRoom addresses the lack of intuitive software in the housing management field. The software assists in the organization of resident and room information into a visually and conceptually accessible format. A housing manager uploads an image of a floor plan which becomes the interface to the rooms. Housing managers can then select residents to become occupants of the room, automatically fill a room with residents, or view a resident's compatibility matches. The unique organization of room and resident information provides a natural way to think of housing, without the high complexity present in the leading housing software.

Kent Senior Capstone

Roly-Poly: An iPhone Game

Roly-Poly is two-dimensional platform game created for the iPhone that takes advantage of the device's unique features to enhance the user's experience. Through the use of the accelerometer, the user can to move the main character throughout the level by tilting the iPhone in the direction they want to move. The user will also be able to perform various actions, such as jumps and attacks, by pressing certain buttons on touch screen. The game has the feel of "Mario-type" game and will allow the user play through levels. Roly-Poly was developed using the iPhone SDK and an existing framework called cocos2d. This game has the feel of a simple 2D-game but will also incorporate different features of the iPhone to give the user a unique experience.

Oshiro Senior Capstone  

Cepheus: a Browser Rogue-Like RPG

Cepheus is single-player Rogue-like role-playing game with a sci-fi setting inspired by the video game Rogue, which was developed about 1980 and most prominently featured a "randomly" generated dungeon a player would crawl through. These made Rogue fun and different each time it was played. The gameplay of Cepheus is very similar; players move through a procedurally generated (read: different) dungeon fighting enemies, improving their skills, and finding new and more powerful items. The game can be played in a web browser with no browser plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight. This extends its audience to anybody with a web browser, including those with PCs and Apple computers as well as mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and Motorola's Droid. This is important because neither the iPhone nor the Droid have a Flash Player.

Decaf: A Haskell to Java Compiler

Decaf compiles Haskell programs into Java. This allows the Haskell code to run on the extremely portable Java Virtual Machine(JVM). This is both difficult and worth while because Haskell has a very different paradigm from Java. Haskell is an Lazily-evaluated Pure Functional Programing language. This means that it distinguishes computations and actions, and performs computations only as their result is needed. Each computation applied to the same input will always produce the same result. Also functions are data like any other and can be passed into other functions and manipulated, (for example changing the binary operator (+) into the unary operator (+3)). Because of these features, Haskell is used by companies ranging from international banks to defense contractors, but those features also make it very difficult to implement on the JVM. Decaf has to build an second virtual machine on top of the JVM.