Undergraduate Core Graduation Requirements: 2009-2010 and previous (revised 2/10)

All students are expected to undertake a broad course of study by completing with at least a C- in each of the requirements listed below.  In essence, these are our General Education graduation requirements.  To achieve the 124 semester credits required for graduation, students earn credits in the Core, in electives, and in their majors and minors.  No Core course may be counted for more than one requirement.  Core requirements are subject to change; the Core requirements you must fulfill adhere to the catalog year in which you entered Pacific University.

  1. Mathematics (3 Semester Hours)           

All Math courses numbered 165 or higher, PSY 350 (Behavioral Statistics), SOC 301 (Social Statistics), or equivalent statistics courses.

  1. Writing (3 Semester Hours)

ENGW 201 Expository Writing or ENGW 202 Writing About Disability

  1. Foreign Language (minimum 102-level course or proficiency)

A proficiency in a language other than English must be demonstrated by the successful completion of a 102-Level course or its equivalent. 

  1. First Year Seminar (4 Semester Hours)

All freshmen must take Humanities 100 in the fall semester.  Transfer students need to substitute either one course in English composition and one course in either literature or philosophy (but not logic) or two courses in literature or philosophy (4-6 credits).

  1. Comparative Cultural Studies (1 course or at least 2 Semester Hours)

All students must take three semester hours in courses designated as fulfilling Comparative Cultural Studies in the schedule of classes or catalog.  Excludes foreign language classes.

  1. The Arts (1 course or at least 2 Semester Hours)

Three semester hours in Art, Music, or Theatre.

  1. The Social Sciences (5 Semester Hours)

At least two courses from two different disciplines chosen from Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Sciences.

  1. The Humanities (5 Semester Hours)

At least two courses from two different disciplines, chosen from Literature, History (except HIST 326), Philosophy, Media Arts (MEDA 110, 112, 120, 220 only), Humanities (except HUM 300, but including GSS 201), Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS 211, 325, 411, 430 only), REL 110.

  1. The Natural Sciences (5-8 Semester Hours)

At least two courses from two different disciplines, chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science (ENV 141,  160, 170, 200, 210, 230, 260, 325, 334 only), Exercise Science-Integrated Physiology (EXIP), Physics, Science, or two courses with laboratory in the same discipline.  No 190 course may be used to satisfy this requirement.

  1. Senior Capstone (2 or more Semester Hours)

A senior project, internship (with a presentation), or performance/show in the major.