Aaron Livingston

Aaron Livingston

Assistant Professor, Biology



UC Box: A121

Office: Strain 302


PhD in Biochemistry from Washington State University, WA in 2010.

BS in Molecular Biology from Black Hills State University, South Dakota in 2004.


The growing population and global climate change has put considerable strains on current energy and food crop yields. To keep up with these increasing demands, we must improve crop plant production. My research interests focus on the photosynthetic adaptation in plants, primarily photosynthetic productivity and the ratio of stored photosynthetic energy products (ATP and NADPH). The three major strands of this research include: (1) Plant and algae energy balancing for improved photosynthetic productivity, particularly electron sharing between the mitochondria and chloroplast. (2) Changes in plant and algae productivity due to climate change. (3) Unique forms of photosynthetic survival, the photosynthetic sea slug, Elysia chlorotica. To conduct this research, I use a combination of electrical engineering (designing, building and programming instrumentation), biophysics (light capture and energy transfer), biochemistry (metabolic profiling) and genetics (map-based cloning, transgenic plant creation, genomic transposon screening), to help improve our understanding of photosynthetic efficiency and productivity. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to better understand energy dynamics within plants and algae, to meet the food and energy needs of our dynamic planet. To learn more about my research please go to http://aaronklivingston.wix.com/living-corps


Course Information

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BIOL 202 General Biology I

BIOL 204 General Biology II

BIOL 444 Evolution