Alyson Burns-Glover

Professor, Psychology


UC Box: A136

Office: Carnegie Hall 312


1989 PhD Psychology, University of California, Davis, Social, and Personality.
1985 MA Psychology, University of California, Davis, Social and Personality.
1983 BA Psychology, CSU, Long Beach, Research Emphasis
1983 University Honors Program Certificate, CSU, Long Beach
1981 Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada [International Study]

Other Educational Certifications & Coursework


1999 CEU credits for AMA in Clinical Diagnostics, December workshop.
1997 Institute participant: Wye Symposium. Annapolis, Maryland.
1996 Certification of coursework, "Peacemaking in a divided society." Trinity College, Dublin.

        Institute for Irish Studies, Instituid le Léann na hEireann. July.


Office Hours by appt


Selected Teaching Grants and Awards

2011 Carnegie Professor of the Year Nominee for Pacific University

2010 Charles Trombley Award, Pacific University

2009 PRISM Grant, Summer Student-Faculty Research Award, $5,000

2003 S.S. Johnson Award for Excellence in Teaching, Pacific University

Professional Role and Leadership

Member, American Psychological Association (Divisions 2,5,8, and 45)

Editor, FOCUS, Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues,

Division 45 of the American Psychological Association.


Areas of Research: Culture & Social Identity; Ethnicity and Well-Being; Social Attitudes; EcoPsychology.


Book Chapters, Articles, and Manuscripts (2007-2012)

2012 Champika, S.; Burns-Glover, A., Dunn, D., & Dottolo, A. (in press) Orchestrating authorship: Teaching writing across the psychology curriculum. It will appear in Teaching of Psychology issue 1 or 2 of 2013.

2007 Castda, D. & Burns-Glover,. Women’s friendships and romantic relationships. Psychology of Women: A Handbook of Issues and Theories, Florence L. Denmark and Michele Paludi, (Eds.) Praeger.


Unpublished Manuscripts

2008 (unpublished) Burns-Glover,. & Moissinac, L. “Social Discourse, Social Problems,
and the Social Psychology of Domestic Violence” (Review Essay).

2008 (unpublished) Fostering Apprenticeship in Identities: Reconstructing Native Hawaiian Identities

and Building Scholar Identities Through Practice. Moissinac, L. & Burns-Glover, A.

Graduate Theses and Dissertations Advisor

2011 Bartlett, R. (Masters of Science Thesis) The Rhodes Not Taken: A Study of Stereotypes of



2010 Takayama, J. (Master’s of Science Thesis)  Ecological Systems Theory of Asian

American Mental Health Service Seeking.


2009 Fukuda, D.  (Master’s of Science Thesis) Where's the Rest of Me?” Addressing Ethnic              Diversity and Cultural Climate in a Graduate Psychology Program.


 2009 Lampert, Joel N. (Doctoral Dissertation) Parental Attachment Styles and Traditional               Undergraduates’ Adjustment to College: Testing the "Helicopter Parent" Phenomenon.


2007 Lampert, Joel N. (Master’s of Science Thesis)  The Relationship Of Self-Efficacy and              

Self- Concept To Academic Performance In A College Sample: Testing Competing Models

and Measures.


Symposia and Presentations

2012 Vaughn, Dylan, Dawn Salgado, Daniel Eisen, & Alyson Burns-Glover. “What’s Happening on Campus? Student Perceptions of Diversity, Conflict, Awareness, and Change. Poster presentation at

11th Annual Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture, Newton,

Massachusetts, October.


Courses I Teach

Culture and Behavior (160)

Addictions and Society (208)

Social Psychology (308)

EcoPsychology (313)

Psychology of Ethnic Groups (358)