Dane Joseph

Dane Christian Joseph

Assistant Professor, Sociology



UC Box: A165

Office: Carnegie 202


PhD in Research Evaluation Measurement (Educational Psychology), Washington State University, Pullman, WA in 2010.

Master of Arts in Philosophy, Washington State University, Pullman, WA in 2006.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Natural Sciences, Concordia University, Mequon, WI in 2003.

Office Hours

Areas of Research & Specialization

Design and evaluation of social, educational, and psychological interventions in athlete populations.

Published Works

Joseph, D.C. (2011). [Review of Fair play: The ethics of sport]. Teaching Philosophy, 34 (1), 87-92.

Davis, D., Trevisan, M., Beyerlein, S., Harrison, O., Thompson, P., Gerlick, R., Joseph, D.C., et al (2007). Engineering Capstone Design Course Assessments: Assessment Framework and Instruments. (Support from NSF Grant DUE 0404924).

Joseph, D., Harper, K., & Tuffey, S. (July, 2012). Playing-time in youth football (soccer) games: The challenge of developing measures of inequality and social minimums. Virtual paper presentation at the International Conference on Sport and Society, Cambridge University, London, UK.

Joseph, D.C., Trevisan, M.S., French, B., & Storfer, A. (April, 2011). A comparison of three methods for varying the position of correct answers in classroom multiple-choice tests. Paper presented at the National Council on Measurement in Education, New Orleans, LA.

(Joseph) Christian, D., Trevisan, M., Senger, P., & Oki, A. (November, 2008). Some reasons for incorporating mixed-methods designs when evaluating the efficacy of educational learning tools. Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association National Conference, Denver, CO.

(Joseph) Christian, D., Trevisan, M., Davis, D., Beyerlein, S., Harrison, O., Thompson, P. & Gerlick, R. (November, 2008). Necessary questions for evaluators to consider before, during, and after conducting inter-rater reliability analyses. Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association National Conference, Denver, CO.

Personal Affiliations

Associate Head Coach, Pacific University's Women's Soccer Team

Associate Staff Coach, National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA)

Course Information

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SOC 301 Social Statistics

SOC 323 Junior Seminar

SOC 348 Research Methods in Psychology

SOC 349 Research Methods in Psychology with Lab

SOC 200 Sociology of Sports Coaching

SOC 255 Sports Ethics

EXMB 200 Empirical Techniques

HUM 100 Freshmen Year Seminar