Jacob Coleman

Instructor: Applied Theatre


UC Box: A131


Jacob Coleman is a director, performer, teacher and founding member of Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble (PETE). He was seen most recently as Richard in PETE’s R3 and is currently directing Song of the Dodo with PETE. Jacob was an artistic director of Fever Theater from 2002-2009.  Jacob has collaborated with Liminal Performance Group (The Resurrectory), Hand2Mouth and the Portland Art Center (Portland Catacombs), Portland Center Stage (JAW Festival), Jenny Vogel (Cruelty of Pirates), zoe|juniper (a crack in everything [installed]), Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (10 Tiny Dances, TBA ’09) and Amber Whitehall (Near

To The Wild Heart, On Killing). Jacob has taught Suzuki, Viewpoints and Composition in Portland since 2007. More information at petensemble.org and jacobcoleman.net.