Joel W. Gohdes

Joel W. Gohdes

Professor, Chemistry


UC Box: A121

Office: Strain 108


Bacheolr of Arts in Chemistry, Carleton College, Northfield, MN in 1985.

PhD Inorganic Chemistry, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA in 1991.

Post-doctoral work, Harvard University and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Research Interests

Professor Gohdes is an inorganic chemist with interests in catalysis and bioinorganic chemistry, trying to understand how the local chemical environment affects selectivity and reactivity of metal centers. Earlier he studied the role of manganese in biological systems and nitrogen fixing enzymes. Later at Los Alamos National Laboratory he worked on the environmental restoration of lead and uranium contaminated soils.

Recent Publications

Gohdes, J. W., Zakharov, L., Tyler, D.R., “Structure and reactivity of iron(II) complexes of a polymerizable bis-phosphine ligand”, Polyhedron, in press, doi: 10.1016/j.poly.2012.06.050, 2012.

Gohdes, J. W., Zakharov, L., Tyler, D.R. “trans-Bis(acetonitrile-κ N)bis{1,2-bis[bis(3-hydroxypropyl)phosphino]ethane-κ2P, P′}iron(II) dichloride” Acta Crystallogr E Struct Rep Online, 65(7), 2009, m776-m776

Disalvo, D.; Dellinger, D.B.; and Gohdes, J.W. "Catalytic Epoxidations of Styrene Using a Manganese Functionalized Polymer" Reactive and Functional Polymers, 53(2-3), 2002, 103-112.

Gohdes, Joel W.; Duran, Brandy L.; Clark, Noline C.; Robison, Thomas W.; Smith, Barbara F.; and Sauer, Nancy N. “Synthesis and Metal Binding properties of Novel Sulfur-Containing Water Soluble Polymers” Separation Science and Technology, 36(12), 2001, 2647-2658.

Recent Student Posters

" The synthesis and catalytic activity of a novel iron(II) molecularly imprinted polymer," Adam Glass and Joel Gohdes, Inorganic Poster session, 231st National American Chemical Society Meeting, Atlanta, GA, March 2006

" Complexes covalently bound to silica surfaces: a new approach to a dioxygen-binding catalyst," Erik Yukl and Joel Gohdes, 229st National American Chemical Society Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 2005

" Synthesis and dioxygen reactivity of a copper-containing polymer," Justin Crossland and Joel Gohdes, 227st National American Chemical Society Meeting, Anaheim, CA, March 2004

" Synthesis and characterization of a series of copper dimers: progress toward realizing functional models of hemocyanin," Erik Yukl and Joel Gohdes, 227st National American Chemical Society Meeting, Anaheim, CA, March 2004

"Polymer Stabilized Copper Complexes: Mimicking the O2 Transport Protein Hemocyanin," Ryan Gibbard, Adam Goldblum, Ilsa Johanson and Joel Gohdes, 225st National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 2003

"Synthesis and Characterization of a Series of Copper Dimers: Progress Toward Realizing Functional Models of Hemocyanin". Goldblum, A.A.; Huffman, J.C.; Gohdes, J.W, 223st National Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2002

“Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Structure of a Unique, Four-coordinate Copper Monomer”, Johanson, I., M.; Gohdes, J.W., 221st National Meeting, San Diego, March 2001.

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