Nathan Nebergall

Laboratory Manager, Physics


UC Box: A121

Office: Price Hall 104


Master of Science in Physics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

Bachelor of Science in Physics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

Areas of Research & Specialization

- Nano-Scale Electronics:

A piezoelectric-driven press device was utilized to form nanoscale wires in an attempt to develop a molecular probe.

- Optical Detection of Nanoscale Surface Structure:

An ultra-sensitive linear reflection concept was utilized to observe nanoscale surface structure and dynamics optically.

Additional Areas of Interest

- Econophysics

- Finance

- Real Estate


Specialized Teaching

Oregon State University Departments of Physics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering

- Analog and Digital Electronics

- Computer Interfacing and Instrumentation

- Optics for Engineers

- Optics for Technicians


- Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society


- Undergraduate Research Innovation Creativity Scholarship: Summer 2002

              Awarded to support my undergraduate research activities


- Nicodemus Physics Scholarship: Fall of 2001

              Awarded for outstanding academic achievement in the study of physics