1. Teaching and Mentoring in the Languages


The 'teaching and mentoring' focal study is a practical and theoretical study that presents students with a variety of options to better understand, explore and develop teaching and mentoring skills, as well as acquire self-confidence and develop an engaging presence in front of an audience.

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.

Complete at least one course from each cluster, at least four credits from the first cluster and at least 4 credits of foreign language at the 200-level or higher from the second cluster.


First Cluster (complete 4 credits)
HUM 300  Mentoring in the Humanities 4 credits
PSJ 230   Navajo Service Learning     2 credits    
PSJ 105 Introduction to Civic Engagement 2 credits   
PSJ 300 Community Based Action Research 4 credits 
WORL 303 Mentoring in Languages 2 credits  
WORL 304 Mentoring in Languages 2 credits
WORL 365 Teaching Languages & Culture in Elem School 4 credits

Second Cluster (Complete 1 foreign language course 200-level or above)
CHIN 201   Intermediate Chinese 4 credits
FREN 201 Intermediate French 4 credits 
GER 201 Intermediate German 4 credits  
JAPN 201  Intermediate Japanese  4 credits
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 4 credits

Third Cluster (Complete 1 course)
EDUC 260   Foundations of Education   2 credits 
EDUC 308  Learning Communities I: Personal Aware 2 credits 
EDUC 370  School and Society  2 credits
EDUC 420 Language Acquisition in Children 2 credits 
PSY 216 Introduction to Psychology of Studying 2 credits
PSY 316 Advanced Psychology of Studying 4 credits