9. The Body and Society

This focal study is for students who are interested in understanding the human body from multiple disciplinary frameworks. These courses are combined in a way that allows students to integrate basic understandings of anatomy, physiology and movement with social/cultural perspectives of the body as a site for symbolic interpretation and meaning.

Complete at least three courses and a minimum of 10 credits. No more than two of these courses may have the same disciplinary prefix.


First Cluster (complete 3 courses)
ANTH 101   Introduction to Anthropology 4 credits
ANTH 317/SOC 317 Sociology of Popular Culture 4 credits
ARTST 210 Drawing I    4 credits 
BIOL 202   General Biology I 4 credits  
BIOL 224  Human Anatomy    4 credits 
DANC 261 Dance History and Appreciation I 4 credits 
DS 200 Introduction to Disability Studies 2 credits
ENGL 221 Disability and Literature  4 credits
EXIP 345 Biomechanics and Lab   4 credits 
EXIP 385  Physiology of Exercise and Lab  4 credits
GSS 201   Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies    4 credits
HIST 247/GSS 247  Gender and Sexuality in Victorian America 4 credits
HIST 248 Public Health, Private Bodies 4 credits
SOC 217/GSS 217   Gender and Sexuality  4 credits
THEA 110  Acting I   2 credits 
THEA/GSS 363 Gender, Sexuality, and Performance 4 credits